SA Aboriginal Sports Training Academy (SAASTA)


The South Australian Aboriginal Sports Training Academy (SAASTA) has been running at the school for five years. The aim of SAASTA is to raise student expectations in the areas of attendance, participation, educational achievement and behaviour. SAASTA students are required to be ambassadors and positive role models not only at SAASTA activities, but also within all school functions, within family life and throughout the community.

SAASTA has a number of annual events. These include the Aboriginal Power Cup, SAASTA Shield Carnival, Year 12 Leadership Day, Kokoda Trek, SAASTA Awards Ceremony and Sporting Talent Identification Programs.

Student enrolments in SAASTA are considered to be a privilege rather than a right. With this thinking in mind, students must achieve and maintain a set of Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s). These include:

  • Maintain a strong attendance rate (minimum 80%)
  • Adhere to the school’s Behaviour Management policy (hotlink)
  • Show a high standard of team work and actively participate in ALL aspects of SAASTA
  • Respect SAASTA at school, in the community and at events and competitions in a positive manner
  • Show a high standard of respect and courtesy toward ALL staff, students, coaches and visitors
  • Conduct themselves with a high standard of sportsmanship in all aspects of practice and competition
  • Wear the SAASTA uniform with pride and with a high manner of respect for the brand
  • Academic success in all curriculum areas including non-SAASTA subjects

More information around SAASTA can be found at:

School contact person: Rebecca Boylan