Staff & Students

Meet our 2018 Student Representative Council:



Principal Student Leaders: (L-R): Liam Cowley & Porsha O’Brien



Year 12 SRC Representatives: (L-R): Katie Freak, Kaya Huntley & Scot Thompson (Absent: Caleb Henderson)



Year 11 SRC Representatives: (L-R) Cameron Akehurst, Brooklyn George, Georgia Rowett & Harry Stockham



Year 10 SRC Representatives: (L-R): Leroy Bird, Cooper Marshall & Dana Selwyn-Shore (Absent: Kellie Lessue)




Year 9 SRC Representatives: (L-R): Ursula Clarke, Mardia Enge, John Meffert & Baylee Stusser



Year 8 SRC Representatives: (L-R): Nellie Cane, Lilly Jenkins, Joshua Johnston & Ryder Rogalski



Meet our 2018 House Captains:



Eyre House Captains: (back row L-R): Justin Carey, Porsha O’Brien, Cameron Akehurst and (front row L-R): Ashlee Cocks, Nellie Jones, John Meffert & Bob McCarthy (Absent: Yemaya Coleman-Smith)



Flinders House Captains (L-R): (back row L-R): Michael Dinon, Tara Pelham, Hannah Williams, Lane Pennington and (front row L-R): Tarli Absalom, Kiana Stafford, Jak Kennedy & Baylee Stusser



Grantham House Captains: (back row L-R): Tess Eime, Kahlila Murray, Harry Stockham and (front row L-R): Billie Jenkins, Cooper Miller, Rivva Rayfield & Claire Wilks (Absent: Caleb Henderson)



Stamford House Captains: (back row L-R): Dylan Stigwood, Georgia Rowett, Katelyn Dagg, Patrick Bryant and (front row L-R): Gia Thompson, Makaya Bryant, Saxon Spencer & Dannen Blacker


Port Lincoln High School is very proud to recognise ex-students who have gone onto bigger and better things. We welcome updates about the careers and achievements of ex-PLHS students.


Meet the PLHS Staff:


Top row (L-R): Greg Barry (Principal – on leave for remainder of 2018 ), Todd George (Acting Principal), Clive Palmer (Deputy Principal), Tash Rayson (Assistant Principal: Senior School) & Matilda Taylor (Assistant Principal: Middle School)

Bottom row (L-R): Deb Marks (Assistant Principal: ICAN/FLO), Tiffany Evans (Assistant Principal: Student Pathways), Amy O’Brien (Assistant Principal: Aboriginal Education) & Chris Hughes (School Administrative Officer)


Curriculum Leaders:

(L-R): Stephen Campbell (Arts/BET), Greg Fitzgerald (English/HASS/Languages), Yasmin Stewart (HPE/Sport/Integrated Learning) & Rebecca Paterson (Mathematics/Science)


Other Key Roles/People:

Aboriginal Education Support: Valerie Miller & Nicole Carter

Bridge (Better Behaviour Unit): Craig Akehurst, Michelle Williams, Kate Fuller & Alana Sherry

FLO/ICAN: Deb Marks & Casie Farrow

Information Technology: Todd George & Greg Barry

International Education: Shaun Thomas

SAASTA (South Australian Aboriginal Sports Training Academy): Boyd West

School Promotions: Shaun Thomas

Special Education: Michael Scheffler

Student Wellbeing Leaders: Sarah Kidd & Peter Jolley

WHS\Fire Warden\Schools Online: TBA


Roll Class Teachers:

Year 8:

  • 8.1 Tanya Booker
  • 8.2 Kesby Turner-Wiebreck
  • 8.3 Helen Marks
  • 8.4 Mel McGown
  • 8.5 Hanna Minchin
  • 8.6 Wanda Jarvis

Year 9:

  • 9.1 Shaun Maxfield
  • 9.2 Keegan Blows
  • 9.3 Kris Sjostrom
  • 9.4 Beck Paterson
  • 9.5 Lucy Legge

Year 10:

  • 10.1 Boyd West
  • 10.2 Yasmin Stewart
  • 10.3 Sherie Watson
  • 10.4 Jasmine Woldt
  • 10.5 Shannon Nagel & Bec Boylan

Year 11:

  • 11.1 Nick Osborne
  • 11.2 Izaak Treadwell
  • 11.3 Peter Tokarski
  • 11.4 Joh Walding
  • 11.5 Monique Rogalski
  • 11.6 Michaela Webb
  • 11.7 Chris McGown

Year 12:

  • 12.1 Holly Dufek & Tennille Aburto
  • 12.2 Greg Fitzgerald
  • 12.3 Shaun Thomas
  • 12.4 Jo Tiffen
  • Room 22: Melia Daw
  • Room 23: Michael Scheffler
  • Bridge: Craig Akehurst
  • FLO: Deb Marks


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