PLHS Staff & Students

Meet our 2022 Leadership Team

Mr Todd George

Mrs Lesley Warren
Deputy Principal

Mr Craig Akehurst
Wellbeing & Inclusive Education

Miss Bambi Britten
Senior School

Mr Craig Curtis
Middle School

Mr Clive Palmer
Daily Operations

Ms Brigette Clements
Business Manager

Mr Angus Martin
Arts / BET

Miss Holly Dufek
English / HASS / Languages

Miss Rebecca Paterson
Mathematics / Science

Mr Boyd West
HPE / Food / Sport

Ms Tiffany Evans 
Student Pathways

Mr Peter Jolley 
Student Wellbeing

Mrs Leonie Woods 
Student Wellbeing

Miss Kesby Turner-Wiebreck
Special Education

Ms Melia Daw 
Students at Risk

Ms Estelle Broadbent
Wellbeing / FLO

Mrs Michelle Williams 

Meet our 2022 Student Representative Council

Principal Student Leaders & SRC Reps

Pictured L-R: Nell Cane (Principal Student Leader), Mitchell Paterson (Principal Student Leader) & Micah McWhinnie-Perry (Year 12 Rep)

Not pictured: Cate Pearce (Year 12 Rep)

Pictured: Joshua Gerschwitz (Transition & Learning Centre Rep)

Pictured: Denise Sadiwa (Year 11 Rep)

Not pictured: Johannes Brendel (Year 11 Rep)

Pictured L-R: Maisy Rogers (Year 10 Rep), Prapti Pai (Year 10 Rep), Erin McCarthy (Year 10 Rep) & Seth Kayser (Year 10 Rep)

Pictured L-R: Nikitah Butcher (Year 9 Rep), Lucas Retallick (Year 9 Rep) & Liam Akehurst (Year 9 Rep)

Not pictured: Ella Wiseman (Year 9 Rep)

Pictured L-R: Xanela Cubacub (Year 8 Rep), Elke Thomas (Year 8 Rep) & Max Stanley (Year 8 Rep)

Not pictured: Kaden Durdin (Year 8 Rep)

Pictured L-R: Jye Hearfield (Year 7 Rep), Billy Boxer (Year 7 Rep), Marley Coleman (Year 7 Rep) & Alexis Anderson (Year 7 Rep)

Pictured L-R: Hayden Francis (Room 22 Rep – Semester 1), Scotty McNab-Haynes (Room 22 Rep – Semester 2)

Room 23 (not pictured): Kenisha Bilney (Room 23 Rep)

Meet our 2022 House Captains

Senior & Junior Captains & Vice Captains

Pictured L-R: Sasha Noske (VC), Charlotte Stigwood (C), Nadia Rusden (VC), Jordan Kooistra (VC) & Deppler Clarke (C)

Pictured L-R: Max Stanley (C), Ruby Gamlin (C) & Kiarna Letton (VC)

Not pictured: Summer Thorpe (VC)

Pictured L-R: Ebony Plane (C), Jemimah Branford (C) & Flynn Quirk (VC)

Not pictured: Tyson Johnson (VC)

Pictured L-R: Jye Hearfield (C), Jett Clements (VC), Zade Hearfield (C) & Rhiannon Letton (VC)

Pictured L-R: Oliver Sellen (C) & Zoe Proude (VC)

Not pictured: Amelia “Mim” Stevens (C) & Ryder Carey (VC)

Pictured L-R: Callie Liffner (VC) & Lucas Retallick (C)

Not pictured: Makaylee Davids (C) & Dwyatt Miskin (VC)

Pictured L-R: Gavin Lugg (VC), Jessica Woolford (C) & Tait Appleton (C)

Not pictured: Sabrina Burgoyne (VC) & Jack Wells (VC)

Junior House Captains (not pictured): Starr Pedersen (C), Kaden Durdin (C), Katie Jessop (VC) & Fletcher Chatfield (VC)

2022 Dharna Groups

"Dharna" is the Barngala word meaning "strong". At PLHS, we value strong relationships between students and teachers and teachers and families. Dharna Group is a time everyday that a small group of students (max. 15) spend with their Dharna Group teacher to foster these relationships - 10 minutes at the start of each school day, with the exception of an extended time (40 minutes) on Wednesdays . Your student’s Dharna Group teacher should be your first point of contact for everything from attendance to excursions.

Year 7 Dharna Groups

DG  /  Teacher  /  Room

7.01   Nicole Cunningham   7BGLA1

7.02   Stefan van Giesen   7BGLA2

7.03   Lucy Tarin   7BGLA3

7.04   Simone Habner   7BGLA4

7.05   Sheryl Skalski   7BGLA5

7.06   Michelle Hankins & Emma Tokarski   7BGLA6

7.07   Tanya Booker   SBL1

7.08   Mel McGown   SBL2

Year 8 Dharna Groups

DG  /  Teacher  /  Room

8.01   Courtney Richter   HEC4

8.02   Mel Quinn & Annette Kelson   R25

8.03   Boyd West   R26

8.04   Stephanie Sinclair   R27

8.05   Adrian Campbell   R01

8.06   Lenny Woods   7BGLA7

8.07   Hayden Bennett   HEC3

8.08   Shaun Thomas   SBDSN

8.09   Craig Curtis   R20

8.10   Izaak Treadwell   R19

8.11   Swov Kutny   R21

8.12   Stacey Hartwich   SBART1

Year 9 Dharna Groups

DG  /  Teacher  /  Room

9.01   Tyson Collins   MEZZ

9.02   Tayla Helbig   E10a

9.03   Caroline Marshall   HEC2

9.04   Joh Walding   E10b

9.05   Stephen Campbell   E08

9.06   Wanda Jarvis   SBART2

9.07   Glenda George & Annette Kelson   E11

9.08   Amelia Baldwin   E04

Year 10 Dharna Groups

DG  /  Teacher  /  Room

10.01   Angus Martin   WA4

10.02   Annie Hage   WA3

10.03   Hanna Minchin   WA2

10.04   Helen Marks   WA1

10.05   Shannon Nagel & Bambi Britten   WA2a

10.06   Jake Stoll   S10

10.07   Tristan Rowsell   S11

10.08   Ben Henrichs   S01

10.09   Monique Rogalski   S04

10.10   Chris McGown   S05

10.11   Kesby Turner-Wiebreck   E01

Year 11 Dharna Groups

DG  /  Teacher  /  Room

11.01   Greg Fitzgerald   R31

11.02   Michael Scheffler   R31a

11.03   Peter Jolley   R32

11.04   Nick Osborne   R37

11.05   Greg Richardson   PHYS

11.06   Jo Tiffen   PHYSa

11.07   Holly Dufek   R38

11.08   Caitlin Randall   R36

Year 12 & Special Dharna Groups

DG  /  Teacher  /  Room

12.01   Beck Paterson   R34

12.02   Karina Dennis & Clive Palmer   R35

12.03   Michaela Webb   SF South

12.04   Stewart Calder   SF North

12.05   Tiff Evans   Offsite


Room 22   Megan Beard   R22

Room 23   Jess Taylor   R23

BRIDGE   Michelle Williams   R17/18

TLC   Estelle Broadbent   TLC

STAR   Melia Daw   R11