PLHS Staff & Students

Meet our 2024 Leadership Team

Mr Craig Akehurst

Mrs Lesley Warren
Deputy Principal

Mr Craig Curtis
Learner Agency & Effective Learners (plus Design & Technology)


Miss Bambi Britten
Senior School

Mr Angus Martin
Middle School

Mr Clive Palmer
Daily Operations

Ms Brigette Clements
Business Manager

Ms Caitlin Randall
Arts / BET

Mr Hayden Bennett
English / HASS / Languages

Mr Stewart Calder
Mathematics / Science

Miss Yasmin Stewart
HPE / Food / Sport

Ms Tiffany Evans 
Student Pathways

Mrs Leonie Woods 
Student Wellbeing

Miss Kesby Turner-Wiebreck
Special Education

Ms Joh Walding 
LINC (Students at Risk)

Mrs Michelle Williams 

Mrs Nicole Cunningham
Flexible Learning Option

Meet our Year Level Support Staff

Designated year level support staff

Ms Megan Beard


Miss Marlee Hounsell


Mr Stefan van Giesen


Ms Karina Dennis


Miss Tayla Helbig


Ms Michaela Webb


Meet our 2024 Student Representative Council

Principal Student Leaders & SRC Reps

L-R: Prapti Pai & Dre Vlassco



Meet our 2024 House Captains

Senior & Junior Captains & Vice Captains

EYRE HOUSE (green/top row L-R): 

  • Senior House Captains: Cameron Sellen & Tayah Liffner 
  • Senior Vice Captains: Delta Proude & Orlando Wade 
  • Junior House Captains: Taylor Dodd & Lani Cocks 
  • Junior Vice Captains: Cruz Miller & Aaron Richardson-Scott 

 FLINDERS HOUSE (yellow/second row L-R): 

  • Senior House Captains: Fletcher Beard & Timothy Dennis 
  • Senior Vice Captains: Ellie Makuch & Kaden Durdin 
  • Junior House Captains: Takey Retsas & Clifford Warrior 
  • Junior Vice Captains: Sasha Anderson & Jarran Durdin 

 GRANTHAM HOUSE (red/third row L-R): 

  • Senior House Captains: Jesse Retallick & Kalea Siegert 
  • Senior Vice Captains: Janik Quirk & Tilda Jenkins 
  • Junior House Captains: Billy Boxer & Isla Nagel 
  • Junior Vice Captains: Tate Boxer & Ella Day 

 STAMFORD HOUSE (blue/bottom row L-R): 

  • Senior House Captains: Dre Vlassco & Dylan Boxer 
  • Senior Vice Captains: Sasha Noske & Angus Rowett 
  • Junior House Captains: Tyler Males & Holly Mitchelson 
  • Junior Vice Captains: Jackson Murphy & Summa Tooby

Dharna Groups

"Dharna" is the Barngala word meaning "strong". At PLHS, we value strong relationships between students and teachers and teachers and families. Dharna Group is a time everyday that a small group of students (max. 15) spend with their Dharna Group teacher to foster these relationships - 10 minutes at the start of each school day, with the exception of an extended time (40 minutes) on Wednesdays . Your student’s Dharna Group teacher should be your first point of contact for everything from attendance to excursions.