Staff & Students

Meet our 2020 Student Representative Council:


2020 Principal Students Leaders (L-R): Jesika Cane & Chloe Treagus




2020 Year 12 Student Representative Council Members (L-R): Aislan Fauser & Connor Marshall




2020 Year 11 Student Representative Council Members (L-R): Kiana Stafford & Ned Moxey




2020 Year 10 Student Representative Council Members (L-R): Mitchell Paterson, Micah McWhinnie-Perry, Nell Cane & Cate Pearce




2020 Year 9 Student Representative Council Members (L-R): Connor Madden, Jordan Ridgway, Ebony Plane & Ella Thomson




2020 Year 8 Student Representative Council Members (L-R): Levi Hawke, Amy Ward, Sasha Noske & Flynn Nagel




2020 Room 23 Student Representative Council Members (L-R): Kai Moreno, Kenisha Bilney & Kelly Sewer



Meet our 2020 House Captains:



Back row (L-R): Taj Bates, Connor Marshall, Darcee Azzopardi & Ellouise Heath

Front row (L-R): Tayah Lifner, Diezel Cronin, Jack Meffert & Amelia Stevens




Back row (L-R): Ruby Chirgwin, Kiana Stafford, Ty Maywald & Joel Edmonds

Front row (L-R): Jessica Woolford, Maisey Rogers, Flynn Nagel & Talem Beare




Back row (L-R): Max Rogalski, Connor Haines, Kellie Lessue, Tia Freeman & Cody Selwyn-Shore

Front row (L-R): Ryder Rogalski, Lily Miranda & Ebony Plane




Back row (L-R): Bella Borlase, Zoe Kooistra, Camden Madden, Zac Mullins & Saben Batterbury

Front row (L-R): Esther Scott, Lani Kemp & Deppler Clarke



Port Lincoln High School is very proud to recognise ex-students who have gone onto bigger and better things. We welcome updates about the careers and achievements of ex-PLHS students.


Meet the PLHS Staff:


Top row (L-R): Todd George (Principal), Clive Palmer (Deputy Principal), Lesley Warren (Assistant Principal: Senior School), Amy O’Brien (Assistant Principal: Middle School) & Estelle Broadbent (Assistant Principal: ICAN/FLO)

Bottom row (L-R): Tiffany Evans (Assistant Principal: Student Pathways), Kate Higgins (Assistant Principal: Aboriginal Education/Projects) & Melia Daw (Assistant Principal: Students at Risk), Tash Rayson (Assistant Principal: HR & School Operations) & Donna Thomson (School Administrative Officer)


Curriculum Leaders:

(L-R): Craig Curtis (Arts/BET), Greg Fitzgerald & Holly Dufek (English/HASS/Languages), Yasmin Stewart (HPE/Sport/Integrated Learning) & Rebecca Paterson (Mathematics/Science)


Other Key Roles/People:

Aboriginal Education Support: Nicole Carter & Shantelle Pickett 

Bridge (Better Behaviour Unit): Craig Akehurst, Michelle Williams, Kate Fuller & Peter Munro

Transition & Learning Centre (TLC): Estelle Broadbent, Stephen Campbell & Susan Doyle

Information Technology: Clive Palmer

International Education: Shaun Thomas

SAASTA (South Australian Aboriginal Sports Training Academy): Boyd West

School Promotions: Shaun Thomas

Special Education: Melia Daw

Student Wellbeing Leaders: Sarah Kidd & Peter Jolley

WHS\Fire Warden\Schools Online: Marianne Cox


Dharna Group Teachers:

DG: Teacher (Room)
8.01: S Othams (1)
8.02: A O’Brien (24)
8.03: T Booker (8)
8.04: K Turner-Wiebreck (25)
8.05: S Kidd (26)
8.06: C Randall (27)
8.07: H Marks (Hall)
8.08: J Woldt (Home Ec 2)
8.09: B West (33)
8.10: N Osborne N(37)
8.11: B Britten & A Kelson (S05)

DG: Teacher (Room)
9.01: H Minchin (Dance)
9.02: W Jarvis (3)
9.03: R Paterson (E10)
9.04: W Marschall (11)
9.05: L Woods (9)
9.06: A Martin (Tech 22)
9.07: K Dennis (16)
9.08: M McGown (7)
9.09: S Nagel (10)
9.10: I Treadwell (Tech 3)

DG: Teacher (Room)
10.01: S Maxfield (E10)
10.02: L Legge (E01)
10.03: K Higgins (S10)
10.04: M Rogalski (S11)
10.05: T Rayson (S04)
10.06: T Rowsell (S03)
10.07: S Osborne (E11)
10.08: L Hosking (E08)
10.09: C McGown (Aqua)

DG: Teacher (Room)
11.01: J Tiffen (Work Area 1)
11.02: M Scheffler (Work Area 2)
11.03: S Thomas (E04)
11.04: T Evans (34)
11.05: M Sawyer (Dem Lab)
11.06: P Jolley (Work Area 3)
11.07: S Calder (Physics)
11.08: C Curtis (Senior Floor)
11.09: M Webb M (Reading Area)

DG: Teacher (Room)
12.01: S Skalski (32)
12.02: M Daw & E Broadbent (38)
12.03: S Campbell (Music)
12.04: Y Stewart (Mezzanine)
12.05: G Fitzgerald (36)
12.06: L Warren (35)
12.07: J Taylor (14)

DG: Teacher
TLC: E Broadbent
RM22: B Crowder & JL Jones
RM23: A Hill & C Sandland
RM21: C Marshall

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