Year 11 Aquaculture Program


Interested in the Fishing Industry

Call the school on 088683 600 – if students are interested in a Fishing career pathway.


Career Meeting

Have a face to face meeting with the relevant staff to ensure the right career pathway.



Get your family and friends involved, Adopt-A-Barra & get newsletters. 


Nurture & promote fish growth

Staff will train students in all areas of Aquaculture, First Aid, Fish husbandry, pool maintenance, Feeding schedule.


Capture & measure fish

Throughout the year, students capture and tag the fish to measure their growth over the year.


Harvest, Process & Pack

We Harvest the fish humanely, process/fillet the fish then prepare the fish as smoked fillets, vaccuum packed fillets for Adoptees.

2023 Barra Growing Cycle

 2023   Approx. dates:    Activity Progress:
 Term 1   February    Introduce Fingerlings (baby barra)
 Term 2   April /May    Feeding, Grow & measure
 Term 3   July / August    Record measure & maintain
 Term 4   October / November    Harvest, Process/Fillet, Vaccuum Pack or Smoke
Download Registration Form & adopt for $20 a fish!

Adopt-a-Barra 2023

For new and previous adoptive parents of a Barramundi, we would like to thank you for your support and hope previous parents would support our program again in 2023.

We are now starting term 2 and the baby barra are growing well. We received the fingerling at 30mm(1 gram) in size in February and they are currently averaging 10grams.(see photo).

We are still looking for more people to adopt-a-barra (only $20 each) so if you could please help us that would be great. Your $20 “adoption fee” will help us to run our 2019 Aquaculture program. Our goal is to adopt 100 fish and we have adopted 50 fish thus far. If last year adoptees would like to get on board that would be fantastic.

We are going to tag your fish when the barra grow big enough(150g plus). To keep your son alive we have been constantly grading the fish into sizes to prevent cannibalism and reduce stress and feeding the barra 3 times a day.

Thanks for getting on board to help with our aquaculture program. Last term the class visited Western Abalone and Southern Ocean Rocklobster factory which was fascinating. We are travelling to Cowell next week to check out an oyster hatchery and farm.

At the conclusion of the school year, the Barra will be harvested and become available as whole fish, fresh fillets or smoked fillets. Alternatively, fish can be donated back to the school for breeding purposes. Check on our website for further updates.

To be a part of Adopt-a-Barra 2019, please download the following Registration Form, and return your completed form (along with $20 payment per fish) to the School.

The Year 11 Aquaculture Students of Port Lincoln High School thank you in advance of your support. Until our next newsletter, Best Fishes, The PLHS Aquaculture Team

The Year 11 Aquaculture Students of Port Lincoln High School thank you in advance of your support.

Best Fishes.

The PLHS Aquaculture Team