Science Students Swim with Whyalla’s Cuttlefish

Yesterday, a group of twenty Year 9 and 10 Science students were fortunate to attend an excursion to Whyalla to experience the unique Swim With The Giant Cuttlefish tour. Aside from snorkelling with hundreds of enigmatic Australian giant cuttlefish just metres from the shoreline, our students completed a cuttlefish quiz for prizes and wrote the following reviews on the bus trip home:

“The Swim With The Giant Australian Cuttlefish is a tremendous experience and fun for the whole family. The knowledgeable team of divers and tour guides cater to everyone’s needs. Diving gear is supplied and is ready to go as soon as you get there. Learn interesting facts about the cuttlefish and expert safety tips when swimming. Don’t forget to smile as there is an underwater camera live streaming to YouTube!” 

~ Fletcher

“I recommend others to join the tour as it is a great experience to learn about this unique species to South Australia. During the tour you will see different size cuttlefish and their many tactics to win over the female. At the start of the tour, there is a talk about marine biology and if you are interested in this as a career, this is the tour for you!”

~ Liam

“A must do when you visit Whyalla, a great experience for teenagers and adults! Well set up with really helpful instructors. If you are interested in sea life and the ocean in general, this is a must do opportunity!”

~ Max

“A very good experience! Clear water, even though it was a rough day, I still enjoyed the experience. Seeing the cuttlefish, big and small, and how they interact and change colours while learning about their behaviours was enjoyable!”

~ Taj

“I would recommend this unforgettable experience to anyone! It is very insightful to see the cuttlefish in their natural habitat as they compete and battle for dominance with the chance to breed before they pass away. It is also fun to snorkel, especially if it is your first time!”

~ Shiloh

“I would recommend Swim With The Giant Cuttlefish to others because it is a very cool and unique experience. I personally enjoyed seeing the cuttlefish swim around happily. The environment around them looked healthy, with lots of sea urchins to see. On the tour, you are given your own wetsuit, flippers, snorkel, shoes, gloves and head masks.”

~ Brianna

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