Success Recognised at Senior School Assembly

On Wednesday morning, a formal Senior School assembly was staged in the PLHS Gymnasium to celebrate the outstanding Semester 1 efforts and achievements of many Year 10, 11 and 12 students. The ceremony was conducted by Deputy Principal Mrs. Lesley Warren and opened with an Acknowledgement of Country delivered by Principal Student Leader Nell Cane.

Achievement certificates were presented to dozens of Year 10, 11 and 12 students, based on their exceptional subject grades in Semester 1. The assembly also provided an opportunity to acknowledge our Senior School student leaders (SRC representatives and House Captains) in front of the peers who elected them.

As with our recent Middle School formal assembly, the levels of behaviour and engagement exhibited by our senior students were again exemplary. Congratulations to all involved; a special mention must go to Mrs Amber Mullins for her excellent organisation of the proceedings.


Presented by Ms. Karina Dennis, Mr. Michael Scheffler & Mrs. Monique Rogalski

A grade point average (GPA) is calculated for each student of the school. A GPA score of 4 indicates an A grade for each subject. There are two categories of Academic Awards:

  • Academic Excellence awards recognise students who have achieved a GPA of more than 3.5 (with no D or E grades) across all of their Semester 1 subjects
  • Meritorious Effort awards recognise students who have achieved a GPA of at least 3 (with no D or E grades) across all of their Semester 1 subjects

YEAR 12 ACADEMIC EXCELLENCE: (L-R) Reef Borlase, Nell Cane, Lilly Jenkins, Peter Kapnistis & Chloe Poel

YEAR 12 MERITORIOUS EFFORT: (From top left) Sasha Collett, Lachlan Forsyth, Ellie Jessop, Jordan Langmaid, Mitchell Paterson, Cate Pearce, Liela Phillips, Zoe Proude, Lachlan Sampson, Kairi Schafer, Oliver Sellen & Isabelle Tsesmelis

YEAR 11 ACADEMIC EXCELLENCE: (From top left) Ella Campbell, Jorjahna Farmer, Eliza Hartwich, Tara Maitland, Shana Pomeroy, Jemma Rawling, Denise Sadiwa, Amelia Stevens, Taya Watherston & Kit West

YEAR 11 MERITORIOUS EFFORT: (From top left) Lucy Bennie, Charlie Day, Saranda Edwards, Natalie Gibson, Adelaide Horlin-Smith, Bradley Jacob, Georgia Jarvis, Kahsha Judge, Jayden Kotz, Kade Mullins, Remii Murray, Alana Norris, Tijana Perin, Dusty Prouse, Nadia Rusden, Jonah Sellen, Ella Thomson, Astrid Williams, Miah Wilson & Meg Wright

YEAR 10 ACADEMIC EXCELLENCE: (From top left) Riley Bell, Ashley Durdin, Liam Fuss, Benjaman Gabb, Ahmari Guamen, Tilda Jenkins, Seth Kayser, Tayah Liffner, Maddison Lowe, Rylee Marks, Erin McMillan, Georgina Millard, Issac Morton, Prapti Pai, Luke Pearce, Zali Phillips, Maisy Rogers, Kalea Siegert, Amy Ward, Sky Weir, Keely Wiseman & Jessica Woolford

YEAR 10 MERITORIOUS EFFORT: (From top left) Shiloh Abbott, Shayden Beljon, Tyler Billing, Kenisha Bilney, Rhiannon Bowley, Acacia Boyce, Taris Burge, Nina Du, Phoebe Edmonds, Jayden Evans, Nathan Fong, Georgia Hope, Emma-Lee Hutchins, Tahlia McGrath, Sasha Noske, Diana Polkinghorne, Angus Rowett, Cian Turner, Jesse Wellman, Izabella Wicks & Piper Wilkes


Presented by Ms. Karina Dennis, Mr. Michael Scheffler & Mrs. Monique Rogalski

YEAR 12 SCHOOL VALUES AWARDS: (L-R) Nell Cane, Peter Kapnistis, Cate Pearce, Leila Phillips & Chloe Poel

YEAR 11 SCHOOL VALUES AWARDS: (From top left) Kiah Bray, Jo Brendel, Natalie Gibson, Daris Habner, Nathaniel Hirschausen-Burk, Georgia Jarvis, Tara Maitland, Alexander Mihalaras, Latrell Miller & Natasha Tothill

YEAR 10 SCHOOL VALUES AWARDS: (From top left) Jayden Evans, Nathan Fong, Benjaman Gabb, Georgia Hope, Tyson Johnson, Seth Kayser, Tayah Liffner, Rylee Marks, Sasha Noske, Prapti Pai, Angus Rowett, Kalea Siegert, Alyssa Thomson & Keely Wiseman


Presented by Mrs Lenny Woods

  • PRINCIPAL STUDENT LEADERS: Nell Cane & Mitchell Paterson
  • YEAR 12 REPRESENTATIVES: Micah McWhinnie-Perry & Cate Pearce
  • YEAR 11 REPRESENTATIVES: Johannes Brendel & Denise Sadiwa
  • YEAR 10 REPRESENTATIVES: Seth Kayser, Erin McCarthy, Maisy Rogers, Prapti Pai & Kenisha Bilney (Room 23)


Presented by Mr. Boyd West

  • EYRE HOUSE: Senior Captains: Amelia Stevens & Oliver Sellen / Senior Vice Captains: Zoe Proude & Ryder Carey
  • FLINDERS HOUSE: Senior Captains: Jessica Woolford & Tait Appleton / Senior Vice Captains: Sabrina Burgoyne, Gavin Lugg & Jack Wells
  • GRANTHAM HOUSE: Senior Captains: Jemimah Branford / Senior Vice Captains: Tyson Johnson & Flynn Quirk
  • STAMFORD HOUSE: Senior Captains: Charlotte Stigwood & Deppler Clarke / Senior Vice Captains: Sasha Noske, Nadia Rusden & Jordyn Kooistra

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