Room 23 Activities for 2018

2018 has been another busy year for our Special Education students in Room 23.

As we have reported previously, we devised and implemented a major project based on the theme of recycling, which was incorporated into the numeracy and literacy curriculum of Maths and Science.

This program comprised a number of exciting learning opportunities for our students. These included collecting bottles and cans at school, raising money for our SRC, an excursion to local recycling depot. Our students were exposed to concepts that developed their numeracy – through handling money, estimations, shapes and volume and measurements. In Science, students learn to identify recyclable materials and the effect on our environment.

Room 23 students also took part in a fishing excursion with FLO students and learnt to use correct units of measurement in real world (and fun) environments. Furthermore, we cooked our catch and ate the food!

Other Room 23 activities pictured here include learning about the Chinese language, electrical circuits and energy and acids and bases.

~ Ms Sam Long (Special Education teacher)

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