December 4, 2018


The students in Room 22 have been learning about Electricity. As part of their practical component, they performed a Van de Graaff experiment, demonstrating how charges transform as well as using everyday applications to conduct static electricity. Another exciting science experiment involved testing the acidity and basicity in the kitchen, creating colour liquids to determine...
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2018 has been another busy year for our Special Education students in Room 23. As we have reported previously, we devised and implemented a major project based on the theme of recycling, which was incorporated into the numeracy and literacy curriculum of Maths and Science. This program comprised a number of exciting learning opportunities for...
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  Port Lincoln High School’s Governing Council works together with the Principal and staff to set broad directions and visions for the school. It provides a wonderful opportunity for parents to be kept informed of the school’s developments, improvements and subject choices. Governing Council provides a focus and forum for the direct involvement of parents...
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