The students in Room 22 have been learning about Electricity. As part of their practical component, they performed a Van de Graaff experiment, demonstrating how charges transform as well as using everyday applications to conduct static electricity. Another exciting science experiment involved testing the acidity and basicity in the kitchen, creating colour liquids to determine these factors in household items.

Another exciting element of the Room 22 program involved students participating in excursions into our local environment – they were able to view Indigenous fish traps and ancestral places.

The Australian Curriculum’s General Capabilities were embedded into our Room 22 (and 23) activities in all areas of learning, including Ethical Understanding concepts and exploring Ethical Issues in Context – measuring legal fish size, understanding the importance of recycling, sustainability of the environment and aquatic life environment were all ethically considered.

Students worked collaboratively in a team environment and developed strong social and communication skills in their learning outcomes.

~ Ms Sam Long (Special Education teacher)

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