Introducing our 2022 House Captains

Congratulations to the following students who have been elected by their peers to lead Eyre, Flinders, Grantham and Stamford for 2022:

Pictured L-R: Oliver Sellen (C) & Zoe Proude (VC)
Not pictured: Amelia “Mim” Stevens (C) & Ryder Carey (VC)
Pictured L-R: Gavin Lugg (VC), Jessica Woolford (C) & Tait Appleton (C)
Not pictured: Sabrina Burgoyne (VC) & Jack Wells (VC)

Junior House Captains (not pictured): Starr Pedersen (C), Kaden Durdin (C), Katie Jessop (VC) & Fletcher Chatfield (VC)
Pictured L-R: Ebony Plane (C), Jemimah Branford (C) & Flynn Quirk (VC)
Not pictured: Tyson Johnson (VC)
Pictured L-R: Sasha Noske (VC), Charlotte Stigwood (C), Nadia Rusden (VC), Jordan Kooistra (VC) & Deppler Clarke (C)
Pictured L-R: Callie Liffner (VC) & Lucas Retallick (C)
Not pictured: Makaylee Davids (C) & Dwyatt Miskin (VC)
Pictured L-R: Jye Hearfield (C), Jett Clements (VC), Zade Hearfield (C) & Rhianna Letton (VC)
Pictured L-R: Max Stanley (C), Ruby Gamlin (C) & Kiarna Letton (VC)
Not pictured: Summer Thorpe (VC

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