Introducing our 2022 Student Representative Council

Congratulations to the following students who have been elected by their peers to form our Student Representative Council for 2022:

Pictured L-R: Nell Cane (Principal Student Leader), Mitchell Paterson (Principal Student Leader) & Micah McWhinnie-Perry (Year 12 Rep)
Not pictured: Cate Pearce
(Year 12 Rep)
Pictured: Joshua Gerschwitz (Transition & Learning Centre Rep)
Pictured: Denise Sadiwa (Year 11 Rep)
Not pictured: Johannes Brendel (Year 11 Rep)
Pictured L-R: Maisy Rogers (Year 10 Rep), Prapti Pai (Year 10 Rep), Erin McCarthy (Year 10 Rep) & Seth Kayser (Year 10 Rep)
Pictured L-R: Nikitah Butcher (Year 9 Rep), Lucas Retallick (Year 9 Rep) & Liam Akehurst (Year 9 Rep)
Not pictured: Ella Wiseman (Year 9 Rep)
Pictured L-R: Xanela Cubacub (Year 8 Rep), Elke Thomas (Year 8 Rep) & Max Stanley (Year 8 Rep)
Not pictured: Kaden Durdin (Year 8 Rep)
Pictured L-R: Jye Hearfield (Year 7 Rep), Billy Boxer (Year 7 Rep), Marley Coleman (Year 7 Rep) & Alexis Anderson (Year 7 Rep)
Pictured L-R: Hayden Francis (Room 22 Rep – Semester 1), Scotty McNab-Haynes (Room 22 Rep – Semester 2)

Room 23 (not pictured): Kenisha Bilney (Room 23 Rep)

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