Floor Cushions Created by “YARNING CIRCLES” Transition Project

The “YARNING CIRCLES” project, launched in August 2021, aimed to connect interested Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students to our PLACE (Port Lincoln Art Centre Enterprise) subject, through scheduled workshop times and as an extension to the PLHS transition schedule.

Collaborative artworks and drawings were created into stunning fabrics and sewn into large floor cushions. Year 8 PLHS students were initially invited and became artist mentors to primary school students in Years 6 and 7.

Jenny Silver and I visited individual primary school sites to introduce the “YARNING CIRCLES” project and begin producing imagery/art with the students. In Term 4 last year, primary school students from Lincoln Gardens and Poonindie visited PLHS and worked collaboratively with our Year 8 students. The connection through physical and tangible art-making has helped the students feel a sense of connection and purpose to their new learning environment.

We send our special thanks to Port Lincoln Primary School’s Cheryl Harris, who willingly gave her time to sew our fabrics into the cushion covers that completed the project.

~ Ms Wanda Jarvis (Art Teacher)

ABOVE: Surrounding Art teacher Ms Wanda Jarvis (centre) and enjoying the new “YARNING CIRCLES” floor cushions are (clockwise from bottom left) Kobe Young, Blake Wells, Jye Hearfield, Amelia McNair, Lani Cocks, Stella Franklin, Makhaya Burgoyne, Noah Wicks and Linkin Anderson.

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