Year 8’s Complete Heart Dissection

Earlier today, my Year 8 Science class participated in their first dissection practical. These students are currently learning about body systems and in particular, the circulatory system. Despite a few queasy stomachs, most students were able to identify the main components of a sheep’s heart. I was particularly impressed with the skill and precision demonstrated by the students with their dissection tools.

Here is a recount from Year 8 student, Campbell O’Brien:

“Today we learnt about the heart by dissecting a sheep’s heart. We carefully put two incisions in the heart to compare the right side of the heart to the left. We also looked at and labelled the arteries, veins, atria and ventricles. We even saw the valves and played with them. The sheep’s heart was very red and fatty – it must’ve been a healthy sheep!”

~ Miss Beck Paterson (Senior Leader: Mathematics & Science)

* photos by Campbell O’Brien (Year 8)

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