“Bienvenue” to Pauline from France


Last month, we were delighted to enrol a new international student – Pauline Gandon from France. Pauline has joined our Year 10 cohort for the remainder of this year, and will be a PLHS Year 11 student for Semester 1, 2020. She was kind enough to provide the following profile…

Tell us a bit about your home and family back in France…

I live in Troyes, a city in the north-east of France, in a house with my sister and my both parents. I go to a private school, named Saint François de Sales, close to my home. I live near to my friends and I pass a lot of time with them.

First impressions of Australia/Port Lincoln…

My first impressions are really good, I like the way of life and the life here. The school is so much better than in France. Every people I have meet are very nice and helpful.

What can tell me about host family/home?

My host family is awesome, I could not hope for a better host family. They make me discover a lot of new things that we don’t have in France. They live in big farm near Port Lincoln, they have a lot of animals. It’s so cool because it’s very different from my home in France and that’s what I was looking for when I came in Australia, new things.

What do you like to do in your spare time? (hobbies, sports, foods, places etc.)

I like to spend time with my friends, do shopping and thrilling attraction. I love cooking, especially pastries. I enjoy travelling. I appreciate lots of sports like handball, horse-riding or ice-skating.

Thoughts on the school thus far (e.g. favourite subjects, friends etc.)…

I obviously love the school here, it’s really really different from France, but I like it. I take the bus every morning and every afternoon. I spend most of my time with Ellie and Ursula, they are really friendly. The subjects are really different of what I was doing in France and I think for that my favourite subjects are English and Design. I like the fact that you can eat outside, the lessons of HPE every day and that the lessons finish earlier. 

Interesting things you have eaten/drunk since you have been here…

I think I have had the best things I have ever eaten, the Tim Tam. They are very delicious. I like the meat pie, and all different pie, and the vanilla slice. I also appreciate a lot the barbecue.

What do you want to do/see while you are in Australia?

I have already some of the things I wanted to see like the koala or the kangaroos and some beautiful beach. But I think I would like to see other beaches and other places in Australia. And I would like to do surfing, go to some Australian parties and go to the beach when it’s hot.

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