Year 7’s & 8’s Offer First Impressions of PLHS

In what has been a highly irregular start to the 2022 school year, PLHS has welcomed two new year levels to our school community – for the first time, Year 7 students are at high school, along with our traditional intake of Year 8 students. These two cohorts have joined our Year 12’s back at school for face-to-face classes, while our Year 9’s, 10’s and 11’s continue to access online learning.

We asked a small group of Year 7’s and 8’s for their first impressions of Port Lincoln High School; this is what they said…

“It has been interesting and fun. I’ve been excited to see the new buildings finished.”
~ Kahlia James (Year 7)

“The teachers are very nice and welcoming. I am really excited to go to school here.”
~ Amelia McNair (Year 7)

“It is really cool to be in high school. I love the way all of the teachers really help you. I also like the freedom that we get here.”
~ Latika Searle (Year 7)

“It’s big! There are a lot of people here. The teachers are nice and the students are nice. There is way more fancy technology than primary school.”
~ Taj Siegert (Year 8)

“It’s pretty good. I really like the Canteen here. The computers are good in terms of their power. I think the school uniform looks good.”
~ Cooper Hale (Year 8)

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