Year 7 School Values Award Winners (September)

The following Year 7 students were recently nominated by PLHS staff to receive a School Values Award – these were awarded at last week’s year level meeting. Congratulations to:

  • Billy Boxer
  • Ezra Brown
  • Will Burgar
  • Rylee Chatfield
  • Lani Cocks
  • Marely Coleman
  • Samuel Cowley
  • Sam Davies
  • Ella Day
  • Jaya Dixon
  • Phoebe Fisher
  • Abbey Francis
  • Stella Franklin
  • Shontaya Gray-Roderick
  • Zach Hurrell
  • Kahlia James
  • Jayden Lockwood
  • Henry Maitland
  • Ryan McCarthy
  • Marley McDonnell
  • Nicholas Minto
  • Holly Mitchelson
  • Isla Nagel
  • Saxby Piddington
  • Sasha Pietrala
  • Tyson Retallick
  • Dericka Roderick
  • Thomas Rowe-Killeen
  • Ella Scholz
  • Ethan Skipworth-Howell
  • Lacie Smith
  • Oliver Stevens
  • Xander Taylor
Pictured from top left: Billy Boxer, Will Burgar, Rylee Chatfield, Lani Cocks, Marely Coleman, Samuel Cowley, Sam Davies, Ella Day, Jaya Dixon, Phoebe Fisher, Abbey Francis, Stella Franklin, Shontaya Gray-Roderick, Zach Hurrell, Kahlia James, Henry Maitland, Ryan McCarthy, Marley McDonnell, Nicholas Minto, Holly Mitchelson, Isla Nagel, Saxby Piddington, Sasha Pietrala, Dericka Roderick, Thomas Rowe-Killeen, Ella Scholz, Ethan Skipworth-Howell, Lacie Smith & Xander Taylor. Not pictured: Ezra Brown, Jayden Lockwood, Tyson Retallick & Oliver Stevens.

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