Printmaking Workshop for Year 9 Visual Artists

Following the P.L.A.C.E. workshop last Wednesday, our Year 9 Visual Art students spent Friday September 23rd at the Nautilus Arts Centre, experiencing the work of Barbara Hanrahan whilst designing and printing their own lino prints.

Country Arts SA’s newly appointed Arts and Cultural Facilitator Gillian Steel saw an opportunity for students and the community to further extend their experience of Hanrahan’s exhibition; she organised lino-printing workshops within the Walter Nicholls Gallery with participants surrounded by her original prints.

Artists Roxanne Prime and Raylene Fuller guided the students through the printmaking process, taking inspiration from one of Hanrahan’s themes of ‘Becoming Plant, Becoming Animal’. Our students developed images from personal photographs and materials reflecting on the subject matter, pattern and symbolism of Hanrahan’s prints.

Further expanding student knowledge in this artform, artist Sandy Harder shared her many experiences in printmaking from cyanotype to etching. Additionally, the workshop complements the approaching task of screen-printing T-shirts for the upcoming Year 9 Pantomime, which our students will be responsible for.

The Year 9’s were able to create artwork within a community space supported by local artists and surrounded by a world class artist’s prints. PLHS Visual Art students and staff are extremely grateful and thank Flinders University Museum of Art, Country Arts SA, Gillian Steel, Roxanne Prime, Raylene Fuller and Sandy Harder for this unique visual arts experience.

~ Mrs Annette Kelson (Art Teacher)

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