Touch Footy Skills on Display in the Rain

Student vs All-star Staff/Community Touch Football Match (Friday 16th March)

Persistent rain didn’t stop the passionate Year 11/12 Sport or All-star Staff/Community touch football teams from demonstrating their skills during last Friday’s lunchtime showdown. Whilst the All-stars won the match (6-2), highlights from both sides included:

Staff Team (winners on the day):

  • Ms Karina Dennis ably led as captain
  • Mr Boyd West featured heavily on the field, off the field, in the lead-up and in the post-match dissection; an all-star or an all-star attraction?
  • Mr Angus Martin did his best to ensure the development of confidence for the student side by dropping an absolute sitter in the opening minutes; in all fairness, the ball was wet
  • Miss Kesby Turner-Wiebreck kept us guessing and put her body on the line (or fell over)
  • Ms Michaela Webb was mentioned as a contender for best on field
  • The Tokarski family (Peter, Steven and Johanna) still being involved in the sport together!

Student Team (tried hard):

  • Alex Richards ran with heart and tried his best to set up scoring opportunities
  • Dylan Stigwood and Colby Syvertson scored tries
  • Max Williams and Brody Hansen demonstrated huge improvement in their defensive skills
  • Kameron Miegel and Caleb Haynes set up the field and were excellent support players
  • Waylon Miller stirred up everyone he could and played a solid game
  • Brodie Drewitt’s passing brought his teammates into the game

A special thankyou to the staff for giving up their lunch time, to our two referees Peter Tokarski and Mark Fisher, the West Coast Youth & Community Support group for playing.

~ Mrs Joh Walding (Student Coach)

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