Students Learn from Successful Local Artist

Bendigo Community Bank Port Lincoln Art Prize Visit

Year 11/12 Visual Art students visited the Nautilus Arts Centre on Tuesday February 13th to view the 2024 Port Lincoln Art Prize. This opportunity allowed students to view original artworks, many of which were created by artists in our local community, including some of the students.

Further contributing to the experience were talks by Linda Danzic, (N.A.C. Customer Service Officer) and local artist and 2023 and 2024 winner, Emma Fuss.  They discussed the judging of the art prize, the importance of such events to the community and artists’ practice; Emma described firsthand the process she used to create her winning family portrait.

Students will use this information and their observations of the prize to complete their Visual Study, and be inspired when developing their own arts practice.

Thank you to the Nautilus Art Centre staff – Linda Danzic, Tullia Sellen and Sue Roesler – for their continued support of student visits, and for creating the informative website pages that form an important resource.

A huge expression of gratitude to Emma Fuss for giving up her time to educate our young people in the Visual Arts; receiving insight, knowledge and opinions from a practising artist.

Congratulations to this year’s prize winners (especially our own talented students, Celeste Hill and Sky Keane) and all the artists who were represented in the exhibition.  Thank you for providing us with a source of original artwork for students to study.

~ Mrs. Annette Kelson (Visual Art Teacher)

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