Student Leaders Inducted for 2018

A formal whole school assembly was held in the Gym earlier today to induct our Student Representative Council and House Captains for 2018.

The occasion was compered by Deputy Principal Mr Todd George, who officially welcomed the special guests and parent/caregivers in attendance. The ceremony also included an Acknowledgement of Country by ACEO Malcolm Miller, an address about leadership from PLHS Principal Mr Greg Barry and a special presentation to Year 9 student Zion Sambo by Art teacher Ms Wanda Jarvis.

Having previously been elected by their peers, each student leader was then individually recognised in front of their proud parents with a certificate and badge of office. Our two Principal Student Leaders for 2018, Porsha O’Brien and Liam Cowley, delivered an articulate and thoughtful address to the student body.

After the obligatory photos were taken (both inside the Gym and outside in the Amphitheatre), the SRC and House Captains joined parents and staff for a celebratory morning tea in the Staff Room.

Congratulations to our student leaders for 2018 (pictured below) – we wish you well in these important roles.


Meet our 2018 Student Representative Council:



Principal Student Leaders: (L-R): Liam Cowley & Porsha O’Brien



Year 12 SRC Representatives: (L-R): Katie Freak, Kaya Huntley & Scot Thompson (Absent: Caleb Henderson)



Year 11 SRC Representatives: (L-R) Cameron Akehurst, Brooklyn George, Georgia Rowett & Harry Stockham



Year 10 SRC Representatives: (L-R): Leroy Bird, Cooper Marshall & Dana Selwyn-Shore (Absent: Kellie Lessue)




Year 9 SRC Representatives: (L-R): Ursula Clarke, Mardia Enge, John Meffert & Baylee Stusser



Year 8 SRC Representatives: (L-R): Nellie Cane, Lilly Jenkins, Joshua Johnston & Ryder Rogalski



Meet our 2018 House Captains:



Eyre House Captains: (back row L-R): Justin Carey, Porsha O’Brien, Cameron Akehurst and (front row L-R): Ashlee Cocks, Nellie Jones, John Meffert & Bob McCarthy (Absent: Yemaya Coleman-Smith)



Flinders House Captains (L-R): (back row L-R): Michael Dinon, Tara Pelham, Hannah Williams, Lane Pennington and (front row L-R): Tarli Absalom, Kiana Stafford, Jack Kennedy & Baylee Stusser



Grantham House Captains: (back row L-R): Tess Eime, Kahlila Murray, Harry Stockham and (front row L-R): Billie Jenkins, Cooper Miller, Rivva Rayfield & Claire Wilks (Absent: Caleb Henderson)



Stamford House Captains: (back row L-R): Dylan Stigwood, Georgia Rowett, Katelyn Dagg, Patrick Bryant and (front row L-R): Gia Thompson, Makaya Bryant, Saxon Spencer & Dannen Blacker

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