Senior School Seeks to Elevate Performance

Earlier today, Amrith and Mellie from Elevate Education visited our school to deliver a series of study skills workshops to our senior students and staff.

Since 2001, Elevate have been presenting high impact seminars across the nation, helping students to improve their study techniques, increase motivation, build confidence, and lift their exam performance.

Our Year 12 students participated in two workshops – Student Elevation” (helping students get and stay motivated across the year) and “Ace Your Exams” (helping students prepare for and ace their exams) – whilst the Year 11’s attended “Study Sensei” (helping students study excellently).

After school, Amrith delivered an informative session to the staff. He covered topics such as how and why top students attain top marks, the thirteen skills and strategies that lead to success at school (e.g. effective note-making and memorising information), and the value of practicing (for exams, tests and assignments).

We thank them both for sharing their time and expertise with us and look forward to some “elevated” senior school results by the end of the year.

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