Strong Competition at EP Schools Gymkhana

The 2018 EP Schools Gymkhana, held earlier this week on Monday May 21st, was the biggest one yet! With 61 riders and horses registered from all over the Eyre Peninsula, the competition for titles, trophies and ribbons was extremely strong.

The best bit for an ‘outsider’ such as myself, was witnessing the positive interaction between the riders, whether they were teammates or fellow challengers from different schools and age divisions; a wonderful display of sportsmanship. Also impressive was the way in which the riders looked after their horses – no-one entered the presentation area until their mount was fed, watered and well looked after with treats such as apples.

This teacher learned a lot throughout the day, including scoring = pencilling, show jumping isn’t about showing off, horses love playing games and dressage is extremely difficult and requires months of preparation!

Congratulations to the PLHS team, who were proclaimed Reserve Champions at the end of the day; a special mention goes to Year 11 student Rochelle Milnes who earned the equal most points scored by an individual rider. Well done and thank you to Miss Nicole Carter for sharing her expertise during the event and Miss Beck Paterson for getting the ball rolling.

Congratulations to all participants for their spirited competition throughout the Gymkhana, and to the event organisers, sponsors and families for their positive support of this wonderful initiative.

~ Mrs Joh Walding (Supervising Teacher)

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