Standards Day & Mini Marathon Success

Congratulations and well done to all who participated in Standards Day yesterday. It was absolutely fantastic to see everyone working together and contributing to the overall success of the day. A special mention must go to the house captains who were responsible for assisting in setting up, packing up and the general organisation of each age group. The leadership and responsibility these students showed whilst organising their house at each station was outstanding.

The points have been tallied and the results are in; congratulations to Eyre house for claiming the 2019 Standards Shield:

  • 1st: Eyre (1,507 points)

  • 2nd: Stamford (1,459 points)

  • 3rd: Flinders (1,383 points)

  • 4th: Grantham (1,255 points)

Congratulations also to Grantham house for earning the most amount of points during today’s Mini Marathon event – the red competitors actually doubled the score of the other houses!

There were some excellent displays of athleticism across the field, with every competitor putting in a five-point around-the-school run. Well done in particular to today’s first place male and female runners, Dylan Giesberts (Flinders) and Amelia Stevens (Eyre).

Parents and caregivers are welcome to attend next Thursday’s SportsDay (Feb 28); please come along and enjoy the athletics/sports, food/refreshments and colourful outfits on display.

~ Miss Yasmin Stewart (Senior Leader: HPE, Food & Nutrition, Sport & Integrated Learning)

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