SportsDay is one of the big whole school events occurring and we would like to invite you along.

Date:  February 28th, 2019 (Week 5)

This year we have decided to mix it up a little, keeping the traditional athletic events but adding some new activities at the Skate Park. We’re also including more team events this year to involve more students.

Program of events: Will be coming out Week 4 for Standards

Our focus this year is to encourage as much participation as possible whilst linking to our school values. We have renewed the program to allow for more parent spectatorship/participation and have included the addition of new events designed to cater for every student. In addition we run an elite athletic pathway to enable the talent we have at our school to go as far as they can.

Please note:  Our school Sports Day leads into WASSAC a district wide Sports Day and SSSSA athletics a state-wide Sports Day.

New look program: Students are encouraged to participate in the traditional athletics. They can participate at any time during 9:15am and 12:45pm. Please negotiate with your student when they will be participating so you can come and watch them at a time that suits you!

Check it out or download & print for the day:

Additional events: We have included Basketball and Skateboarding competitions to encourage students to participate in team events. Team events have been known to foster well-being, fitness and overall health. We are also reintroducing hurdles for some extra fun.

Food and refreshments: There will be several options to choose from! Why not make a day of it?

We would love to see you come along supporting your children.

~ PLHS Sports Team

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