Sammy D Foundation Delivers Powerful Sessions

Over the past thirteen years, the Sammy D Foundation has delivered evidenced-based, primary prevention programs in schools that work towards changing the attitudes of young people about the impacts of bullying, violence and alcohol-fuelled violence. These programs educate young people about the consequences of bullying, violence and drug/alcohol misuse, and provide them with the knowledge and strategies to keep themselves and their mates safe.

PLHS were privileged to be involved in two different sessions from the Sammy D Foundation. You could have heard a pin drop throughout the seminars, with students listening intently to the powerful and compelling story of teenager Sam Davis and his family.

Our Year 7’s and 8’s participated in the “Impact Session”, a prevention program aimed at changing students’ attitudes towards violence by educating them about the negative impacts. Presenter Neil Davis (father of Sam) spoke of Sam’s story; he provided first-hand accounts of the characteristics of violence and the consequences that it has on victims, perpetrators, bystanders, families, friends and the broader community.

Participating students explored the following topics related to violence: harm, impact and consequences; impact groups of violence; warning signs; de-escalation strategies.

Our Year 11’s and 12’s attended a “Party Wise” session, an engaging and interactive presentation related to alcohol/drug education. Taking a harm minimisation approach, the following topics were explored: types and categories of drugs; short- and long-term effects of drugs; current trends and drinking culture; understanding standard drink measurements; driving under the influence.

Following the “Party Wise” presentation, senior students broke into small groups led by education facilitators to explore real-life scenarios, including: planning a party; suspected overdose; intoxicated mates; gate crashers; Schoolies and fighting/violence.

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~ Mrs. Lenny Woods (Wellbeing Leader)

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