Governing Council: Community Voice (May)

With a capacity audience and the stage alight, our Senior Drama students performed their “Monty Python-esque” major production as the Governing Council held their first meeting for Term 2.

* Just letting you know that tickets for our October long weekend Centenary Showcase (concert) and Centenary Celebration (dinner function) are selling fast. Please advise your friends and family members to book soon. Booking links appear below.

At the meeting, your Governing Council:

  • endorsed the implementation of school hats/caps for sun safety and adopted a great design created by Year 12 Design student Peter Kapnistis in 2022; the SRC will canvas student opinion about preferred styles
  • considered and supported Principal Student Leader Denise Sadiwa’s motion to introduce Year 12 Graduation regalia (sash and gowns) for our centenary year
  • reviewed the school’s uniform policy and the key goal of maintaining student attendance to maximise learning and endorsed the policy to provide uniform flexibility to cater for students and families; the Governing Council noted that most students are consistently adhering to the uniform code
  • agreed to pursue sustainable ways of funding student participation in the annual Adelaide-based instrumental music camps.
  • were informed about the imminent opening of the school’s new Lumination Learning Lab (virtual reality space); this facility will provide cutting-edge learning in a fun and safe environment and extend the range of experiences and application of technology for our students; keep an eye out for publicity in local media outlets
  • supported the hosting of a school community information evening with the PLHS Wellbeing Team spotlighting the links between student wellbeing, learner achievement and The Resilience Project (and other related initiatives at the school)
  • acknowledged the great work of Business Manager Brigette Clements and moved the financial statements and auditor’s report

Finally, a reminder that the Governing Council meets twice each term. As the elected parent and community representatives, we work in partnership with the school to give voice to those opportunities and issues that matter for our students and families. Meetings are open to all members of the school community and new members to Governing Council are always welcome.

Next meeting: 6pm Wednesday June 21st (before the Lumination Learning Lab launch) on the Stamford Floor

Online booking link for Centenary Showcase (concert) // Nautilus Theatre // 7pm Friday September 29th:

Online booking link for Centenary Celebration (dinner function) // Port Lincoln Hotel Ballroom // 6pm Sunday October 1st:

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