PLHS Students Visit Port Lincoln Art Prize

During the month of February, Visual Art students from all year levels visited the Nautilus Arts Centre to view the 2023 Port Lincoln Art Prize. Students discovered the wide range of talented artists that practice within our community and further afield.

Our visits were enhanced by guest speaker Linda Danzic, part of the NAC gallery staff team. She enlightened the students firsthand, about the administration and judging of the art prize. She also discussed and questioned the students on some of the artists’ works and invited them to choose their prize winner, which they could then enter into “The Peoples’ Prize” category.

This has been extended back in the classroom, with Year 9 students categorising works into styles and themes, and responding to their winning choice through description, analysis, interpretation and judgement.

Room 22 also chose their favourite artwork and will describe it using as many adjectives as they can. They will negotiate their own practical artwork based on the work they have chosen, using possibly the same media, subject matter and/or style.

Thank you to the Nautilus Art Centre staff – Linda Danzic in particular – and for creating the website pages that we continue to access from our classroom. Congratulations to all the prize winners (some being our own Art talented students) and artists who participated in this year’s community art prize.

We value this event as a rich resource to inspire and educate students about art opportunities and artists in their local area.

~ Mrs. Annette Kelson (Visual Art Teacher)

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