PLHS Delivers Another Epic Dance Production

Last night in the Nautilus Theatre, PLHS Dance teacher Miss Hanna Minchin and her highly talented ensemble of Dance students delivered another epic dance production. “THE UNMASKED” featured 24 brilliant performances from Year 9, 10, 11, 12 and staff dancers, with combined choreography provided by Hanna, the Stage 2 students, and guest choreographers, Tarli Absalom and Odette Pearson.

Congratulations to all involved in this spectacular performance – it was an amazing public advertisement for what our students (and staff) are capable of.


  1. The Unmasked – Stage 2
  2. Skyfall – Stage 1&2
  3. The Trolley Song – Year 10
  4. Freedom – Year 9
  5. We Both Reached for the Gun – Stage 1&2
  6. History – Stage 1&2
  7. Terminal Love – Zoe & Sasha
  8. Water – Year 10
  9. Isolation – Stage 1
  10. Distance – Calli
  11. Kind Regards – Zoe & Sasha
  12. Fog Within My Mind – Zoe
  13. Paranoia – Stage 1&2
  14. Mash-Up – Year 10 
  15. Hierarchy – Stage 1&2
  16. Uptown Funk – Staff Dance
  17. All Eyes On Me – Stage 1&2
  18. Tik Tok – Year 9
  19. Singing in the Rain – Lucy & Mieke
  20. Near Light – Stage 1&2
  21. Not About Angels – Stage 1&2
  22. Dancer Behind the Swan – Missi
  23. Rise Up – Year 9, 10 and Stage 1&2
  24. Finale – Year 9, 10, Stage 1&2 and Staff


Terminal Love – An abstract contemporary duet. It depicts the story of a person falling alone through darkness “Fallen Angel”, reaching upward attempting to plant roots somewhere. They land on stage with another person who has fallen. They both move slightly out of sync, gradually growing closer and eventually as one. Their attitudes change from cautiousness to complete trust and devotion.

Distance – This choreographic work is about a group of friends who, over time, begin to drift apart. It shows them progressively starting to move on from the friendship they were apart of previously. It depicts what it looks like from an outsider’s point of view.

Fog Within My Mind – A dance film with a focus on the cinematography of dance as opposed to the choreography. It explores a combination of haze, lighting, framing and camera angles, as well as other aspects of filming an improvised contemporary dance. The dance explores the theme of being unable to think clearly, and no matter what you do, not being able to focus or form a clear thought.

Paranoia – The persistent feeling that someone or something is out to get you. A person with paranoia can find it difficult to function socially and contain close relationships. They can also be offended easily, find it difficult to trust others, can’t take criticism, tend to isolate themselves, can’t ‘forgive and forget,’ and feel that the world is a consistent threat to them. The piece is about a girl suffering from paranoia and the journey of overcoming her mental battles.

Dancer Behind the Swan – Taking the traditional elements, music and theme of Tchaikovsky Swan Lake created in 1877, and applying a modern contemporary twist. The dance film focuses on the black and white swan, existing together for overall power with a modern world.

Kind Regards – Explores the loss of love between two people using a range of contemporary movement and dance practices.


Year 9:

  • Maia Abbott
  • Mikayla Edwards
  • Talisha Fiore
  • Tayla Fox
  • Jessica Greenfield
  • Huey Hood
  • Aliki Kapnistis
  • Ebony McGann
  • Lacey McMahon
  • Madeline Meyers
  • Isla Santillan
  • Alessandra Secker
  • Bonnie Silberschneider
  • Kayla Stewart
  • Kiarah Taylor

Year 10:

  • Loka Anderson
  • Acacia Boyce
  • Myah Coote
  • Phoebe Edmonds
  • Hannah Hentsel-Gage
  • Paige Holland
  • Tilda Jenkins
  • Erin McCarthy
  • Erin McMillan
  • Georgina Millard
  • Zali Phillips
  • Maisy Rogers
  • Isabelle Stutzer
  • Talisha Sunderland
  • Amy Ward

Stage 1:

  • Mieke Beckmann
  • Lucy Bennie
  • Taylah Doudle
  • Andrea Edrosolano
  • Jorjahna Farmer
  • Hannah Greenfield
  • Toula Kapnistis
  • Jemma Rawling
  • Summer Retallick-Blackberry
  • Jordan Ridgway
  • Esther Scott
  • Sharnee Silberschneider
  • Anna Te Wano
  • Grace Thomas
  • Ella Thomson
  • Kesi Webster
  • Zara Williams

Stage 2, Creative Arts: Dance & Community Application:

  • Missi White
  • Sasha Collett
  • Zoe Proude
  • Calli Thompson
  • Billie Jenkins

Staff Dancers:

  • Cath Crowder
  • Holly Dufek
  • Caitlin Randall
  • Michaela Webb
  • Leonie Woods
  • Hanna Minchin
  • Stephanie Sinclair
  • Tiffany Evans
  • Marianne Cox
  • Jaimie Weir
  • Joh Walding
  • Ben Henrichs
  • Emma Tokarski
  • Nicole Cunningham

A special thanks to the following people and organisations:

  • to all of the performers and their families for their participation and support towards the show
  • Helen Marks for stage managing and continual support
  • Kath Dennis for administration and ticketing support
  • Delta Proude (and Shaun Thomas) for the poster, tickets, Facebook, website and Newsletter promotions
  • Shaun Thomas for the photography
  • Karina Dennis for backstage support
  • the courageous staff dancers for giving up your precious time and getting on stage
  • the Nautilus Arts Centre venue, technical and promotions staff
  • to our fabulous audience for showing your support

I wish to thank and acknowledge all PLHS staff and the Performing Arts faculty for their continual support. I am proud of what the students have achieved. ~ HM

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