Outstanding S1 Middle School Achievements

Earlier today, a formal Middle School assembly was staged in the PLHS Gymnasium to celebrate the fine Semester 1 efforts and achievements of many Year 7, 8 and 9 students. The ceremony was conducted by Deputy Principal Mrs Lesley Warren and opened with an Acknowledgement of Country delivered by Lucas Retallick, Taylah David-Mabura, Jatilia Weetra-Besant and Taylor Dodd.

The stage party also included PLHS Principal Mr Todd George – who delivered a wide-ranging address to the students – and 2022 Principal Student Leaders Nell Cane and Mitchell Paterson.

Achievement certificates were then presented to dozens of Year 7, 8 and 9 students, based on their outstanding subject grades in Semester 1. The assembly also provided an opportunity to acknowledge our Middle School student leaders (SRC representatives and House Captains) in front of the peers who elected them.

Due to COVID restrictions, this was our first formal assembly for quite some time – congratulations not only go to today’s certificate recipients, but to the entire student cohort for their excellent audience skills and participation. The staff in attendance were genuinely impressed.


A grade point average (GPA) is calculated for each student of the school. A GPA score of 4 indicates an A grade for each subject. There are two categories of Academic Awards:

  • Academic Excellence awards recognise students who have achieved a GPA of more than 3.5 (with no D or E grades) across all of their Semester 1 subjects
  • Meritorious Effort awards recognise students who have achieved a GPA of at least 3 (with no D or E grades) across all of their Semester 1 subjects

(From top left) Zoe Allan, Lani Cocks, Marley Coleman, Jye Hearfield, Clarissa Hurst, Kynan Letton, Bellarae McEvoy, Isla Nagel, Loch Osborne & Sarang Treagus

(From top left) Isaac Ambados, Stevie Angelo, Isabella Atkins, Samuel Beard, Isaac Brougham, Rylee Chatfield, Taylah David-Mabura, Ella Day, Alilah Fowler, Stella Franklin, Evie Gamlin, Lucas Gray, Simon Hennessy, Dwyatt Miskin, Cooper Mullins, Zoe Patakakis, Ella Scholz, Latika Searle, Ethan Skipworth-Howell, Malik Slater, Taun Tsesmelis & Cyrus Whetstone

(From top left) Stirling Carter, Xanela Cubacub, Brayden Foote, Ruby Gamlin, Isabella Go, Madison Gotch, Airlie Hartwich, Maya Kennedy, Kirrally Kotz, Kiarna Letton, Matilda Packer, Charli Rowland, Lacie Schafer, Layla Schultz, Max Stanley, Dakota Taferner, Elke Thomas, Oliyena Thomas, Jasmine Tiller, Rebekah Turner, Isabella Wells & Claudia Wilks

(From top left) Kaden Abbott, Lainie Bell, Lewis Bradford-Scott, Amelia Butler, Charlotte Cresswell, Jorja Defelice, Harrison Durdin, Keira Evans, Jessica Ferrett, William Fraser, Finn Freeman, Haylee Fuss, Narelle Galloway, Samuel Halls, Summer Hammond, Izabella Hannan, Jack Hatzimanolis, Rhianna Letton, Tahlia Lewis, Callie Liffner, Keeley Millard, Aaliyah Munro, Jessica Neve, Ebony Rigney, Demi Selwyn-Shore, Kiara Tonkin, Rochelle van de Graaf, Zoe van Overdijk, Mahlia Vlassco, Kael Williams & Evie Wiseman

(From top left) Liam Akehurst, Fletcher Beard, Lilly Durdin, Tylah Hollett, Ethan Icasas, Sky Keane, Sophie Lang, Evan Lukin, Anahata Maple, Max Mitchelson, Delta Proude, Max Rodda & Taj Williams

(From top left) Mathew Aldington, Jevan Ambrose, Ashton Batterbury, Nikitah Butcher, Jackson Christian, Torr Clarke, Macie Claughton, Hayden Collett, Madilyn Fox, Zade Hearfield, Aliki Kapnistis, Lacey McMahon, Lucas Paterson, Hudson Saunders, Will West, Tayla Wilson & Ella Wiseman

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