Middle School Students Write A Book In A Day

On Thursday September 29th, PLHS entered a team of volunteer writers and illustrators in the 2022 Kids Cancer Project Write A Book In A Day Competition. This is a creative writing competition in which ten students work together on planning, writing and illustrating an original story book. The catch being that there are several parameters of setting, issue, characters and random words that must be included in the narrative which are not disclosed to students until the morning of the writing day.

Our students – Hudson Saunders, Liam Akehurst, Evan Lukin, Sophie Lang, Rahni Wiseman, Lillii McGuire, Maia Abbott, Jessica Neve, Mathew Aldington and Sophie Jamieson – worked cooperatively and productively. It was impressive to hear powerful discussions about audience, message, character representation, text structure and language features as they organised their planning and began the writing and illustrating process.

Judging for the competition takes place this term and books will become available to read on the Write A Book In A Day website.

~ Mrs Melanie Quinn (E.A.L.D. teacher)

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