Mardi Publicly Presents ASBTIA Graphics

For one of her major practical projects, Year 12 Design student Mardi Dennis took on the formidable assignment of re-designing the logo of the Australian Southern Bluefin Tuna Industry Association (ASBTIA). Yesterday, Mardi was invited to deliver a ten-minute presentation of her completed graphics at ASBTIA’s annual research workshop, held at the Lincoln Marine Science Centre.

Despite the daunting nature of the occasion, Mardi’s PowerPoint presentation and explanation was very well received by all of the key stakeholders in the room – ASBTIA will now consider officially adopting her graphics at an upcoming executive meeting.

Congratulations go to Mardi, not just for her outstanding design work, but for accepting the challenge of publicly presenting her efforts.

Mardi’s full suite of ASBTIA graphics will be available for viewing next week at “jigsaw”, the PLHS Senior Art/Design Exhibition for 2019 (Rotary Gallery // Nautilus Arts Centre // Tues Nov 5 ~ Mon Nov 18)



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