“jigsaw” Art/Design Exhibition Officially Open

Port Lincoln High School’s annual Senior Art/Design Exhibition was officially opened last night, before a large crowd of students, families and staff. The impressive practical work and written statements of twelve art and design students is now on display in the Nautilus Arts Centre’s Rotary Gallery, until Monday November 18th.

This year’s exhibition is called “jigsaw” – the title reflects the notion of many small, colourful pieces contributing to a larger whole; it also hints at the challenging nature of completing the visual puzzles that each participating student has set for themselves.

We would like to publicly thank Ms Jenny Silver, the Nautilus Arts Centre staff, the PLHS Arts & Technology faculty and the students’ families – you have all provided valuable support throughout the year and assistance in staging this year’s exhibition.

“Jigsaw” is a vibrant display that comprises a wide variety of creative projects, including large-scale art installations, multimedia presentations and graphic, product and environmental designs; congratulations to all of the students involved.

We encourage all interested citizens to take the opportunity to view our 2019 collection over the next two weeks.

~ Mr Shaun Thomas (Design) & Ms Wanda Jarvis (Art)

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