Flinders House are Recycling Champions

Earlier this year, I reported on the wonderful recycling scheme that was initiated by my Special Education students, as part of our ongoing Science and Maths studies. My Room 23 class have been encouraging all PLHS staff and students to recycle their cans and bottles in specially designed bins dedicated to our four SportsDay houses.

So far this year, we have raised a total of $159. We would like to thank the students and staff for their continuous support of our recycling program.

Recently, we collected and delivered another load of cans and bottles to the local recycling depot. This term, Flinders house raised the largest amount ($20), followed by Grantham ($19.60), Stamford ($16) and Eyre ($15.80). Congratulations Flinders!

Our intention is to continue to raise money for the SportDay fund and to make people aware of recycling issues affecting the environment. Thank you from Room 23.

~ Ms Sam Long (Special Education)

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