Classic Comedy Delivered at “Skits+Pieces”

Congratulations to Mrs Helen Marks and the fantastic cast and crew who earlier this week delivered several performances of this year’s Senior Drama Production, “Skits+Pieces”. The show featured a compilation of short sketches made famous by comedy giants such as Monty Python and Abbott and Costello.

For the first time, Year 10 Drama students performed alongside their Year 11 and 12 peers. On Monday, the talented ensemble presented a matinee show to our Middle School performing arts students. Cabaret-style evening performances were then delivered to the community on Tuesday and Wednesday nights. The large crowds in attendance also enjoyed delicious finger-food platters courtesy of our Food & Hospitality program and drinks served by PLHS staff.

Despite some challenging material, the show was expertly delivered, and not just by the brave actors – the technical, backstage and front-of-house crews also impressed audiences with their slick and skilful production. Bravo!

The following gallery contains images of each skit – please enjoy “Skits+Pieces” in forty-five photos…

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