Book Week Displays & Activities at PLHS

On Saturday August 20th, the Children’s Book Council of Australia launched Book Week for 2022; what better way to promote reading and help to build a positive reading culture, than to get the PLHS school community involved.

There are a number of activities/competitions running this week for everyone to have some fun with all things library; they include:

  • amazing promotional displays celebrating this year’s Book Week theme – “Dreaming with eyes open…” – and the inaugural Australian School Library Day (today – Wednesday August 24th)
  • displays of fiction/non-fiction titles depicting our representation of this year’s theme – some great reads to choose from
  • displays of Year 9 artworks from students portraying their representation of this year’s theme
  • a Bookmark Colouring-in Competition – a great activity for this week’s extended Dharna Group sessions
  • a Guess Who’s Reading What? Competition to guess which teacher is reading which title (a very eclectic bunch of readers amongst our staff)
  • Book of the Year Competition – Rebecca Lim’s “Tiger Daughter”, winner of the Older Readers category is a must read (currently on loan); some great reads amongst the short-listed display at our front counter; Winners/Honours listed at 2022 CBCA Winners; congratulations to Year 8 student Ashlyn Eming for guessing one of the titles that received Honours

A special thank you to those staff who have already engaged with this year’s Book Week by either sharing what they are reading, organising bookmarks for their Dharna Groups, guessing the Book of the Year, bringing Literacy classes down to borrow, encouraging students to read, and engaging students to create artwork; a special mention to Art teacher Mrs. Annette Kelson.

Many thanks also to the wonderful Rachels – Ambrose and Sherry – for all that they do in this space to support our staff and students to engage with all things library; none of this would have been possible without them.

~ Ms Glenda George (PLHS Teacher/Librarian)

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