Audiences Wowed by “Beautiful Illusions”

Port Lincoln High School’s annual Dance Production for 2019 was entitled “Beautiful Illusions”. The show – which explored the world of dreams – combined choreography from the Stage 2 students, Hanna Minchin, Odette Pearson and guest choreographers Abby Hodgkiss and Emma Trinette Dawson. Two public performances were successfully delivered in the Nautilus Theatre on Friday June 28th, featuring the following dancers from Years 8, 10, 11 and 12 and the PLHS staff:

  • STAGE 2 DANCE & CREATIVE ARTS DANCERS: Brittany Burner, Taylah Filsell, Shekinah Suing, Nellie Jones, Shona Anderson, Mardi Dennis & Jessica McCormack
  • STAGE 1 DANCERS: Sara Bennie, Ellie Akehurst, Pearl Dessart, Sarsha McMahon, Kyra Ellis, Lily MacCuspie, Paige McWhinnie & Chloe Treagus
  • YEAR 10 DANCERS: Tarli Absalom, Zoe Kooistra, Simeona Rawles, Skye Retallick & Kiana Stafford
  • YEAR 8 DANCERS: Lucy Bennie, Hannah Greenfield, Toula Kapnistis, Latisha Prow, Esther Scott, Jessica Wilson, Jemma Rawling, Antonia Jesnoewski & Elayja Dawe
  • STAFF DANCERS: Mrs Joh Walding, Mrs Leonie Woods, Ms Jessica Taylor, Miss Annie Hage, Ms Caitlin Randall, Miss Rebecca Paterson & Ms Michaela Webb


  1. “Night Minds” (Year 10, Stage 1 & 2)
  2. “Dream a Nightmare” (Sara & Chloe)
  3. “Gravity” (Nellie)
  4. “Black & Gold” (Stage 1)
  5. “I Put A Spell On You” (Stage 2)
  6. “Horror” (Year 10)
  7. “In My Mind” (Stage 1 & 2)
  8. “After Dark” (Nellie)
  9. “Work” (Taylah & Shekinah)
  10. “Gangs In The Night” (Kyra Nellie & Pearl)
  11. “Grease” (Staff)
  12. “Taki Taki” (Year 10, Stage 1 & 2)
  13. “Claw” (Year 8)
  14. “Mother Dearest” (Shekinah)
  15. “Esteem” (Nellie)
  16. “Body” (Shona)
  17. “Empower” (Stage 1 & 2)
  18. “Dance at PLHS” (slideshow)
  19. “Open-Eyed” (Brittany)
  20. “O” (Taylah)
  21. “Fine Day to Dream” (Stage 1 & 2)
  22. “Finale” (Year 8, 10, Stage 1 & 2)


  • “Esteem” is about the growing matter of body image and self-esteem issues amongst young people. The storyline throughout exhibits society’s perception of a perfect image as well as the fallible, flawed persona and how they unite as one.
  • “After Dark” represents the embodiment of fear as the stereotypical, dreaded monster under the bed we visualise as children, however we come to learn as we grow older that we ourselves are our own monsters, ourselves creating our biggest fears.
  • “O”: Throughout our lives, we go through different stages, from birth to adulthood, from friendships to relationships, and from birth to death. Within these stages through life, we complete a full circle.
  • “Open-Eyed”: She is a close friend to a girl she spends time with every day. Until this particular moment her friend scares her and she runs away. When she started to run back to her friend, she disappears. At the end, she realised everything went wrong, only coming back to an empty space wondering where she has gone.
  • “Mother Dearest”: She’s the core love of a poet. Beautiful, serene, she. But no more her beauty remains, for she’s being murdered. Murdered by her children. The ones who used to play. Play in her lap, play with her. They’ve grown up to be her murderer. She wants to survive… but she can’t. For she’s powerless. She got an eternal place in each heart.


I wish to thank and acknowledge all PLHS staff and the Performing Arts faculty for their continual support. I am proud of what the students have achieved in under nineteen weeks.

A special thanks to the following people and organisations:

  • All of the performers and their families, for their participation and support towards the performances
  • Helen Marks, for stage managing and continual support
  • Kath Dennis, for administration and ticketing support
  • Shaun Thomas and Mardi Dennis, for the event poster, tickets, school website/Facebook promotion and photography
  • Kerry Graetz, for donating the balloons
  • Quinn Dutschke and his team, for filming
  • Michael Scheffler, for photography
  • Sarah Kidd, for backstage help
  • The courageous staff dancers, for giving up your precious time and getting on stage
  • The staff and students who contributed to the Visual Art & Design exhibition
  • The Nautilus Arts Centre’s venue, technical and promotions staff
  • Odette’s School of Dance, for costume support and choreography
  • To our fabulous audiences, for showing your support

~ Miss Hanna Minchin (Dance Teacher)

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