Aquatics Camp for Outdoor Ed Classes

On Thursday April 4th, thirty Year 10 students from Miss Woldt and Miss Taylor’s Outdoor Education classes travelled to Coffin Bay for their aquatics camp. This was a major assessment for the term with a focus on organisation, participation, camp skills and water safety.

Thursday’s calm, sunny conditions were a clear contrast to the wild winds and dust storms of the following day. After arriving at Fishery Bay early on Friday morning, it was obvious that the winds were escalating. The decision was made to cancel our surfing practical at Fishery Bay and move to the Port Lincoln pontoon area for some aquatic games. With murky, rough conditions greeting us, unfortunately we were forced to cut the camp short.

Despite our unlucky weather circumstances on Friday, we are fortunate to have one ideal day to work with – this allowed our students to paddleboard, kayak, windsurf, handle a small boat and snorkel. Thank you again to the Coffin Bay and Port Lincoln Aquatic Centre team who ran these enjoyable sessions for our students.

~ Miss Jasmine Woldt (Outdoor Education teacher)

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