Barra Weigh-in
Barra Weigh-in

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Adopt a Barra: Growth Rates 

Find out the weight and size of your adopted Barramundi, listed by their adopted name.

Above: PLHS Year 11 Aquaculture students recently visited the Cleanseas Hatchery near Arno Bay

Our Year 11 Aquaculture class have been working hard to create a stress-free environment for your son by keeping the water quality up to standard – one thing that we check every day is the pH level. The pH has recently been dropping lower than usual; we have been solving this problem by adding sodium bicarbonate (buffer), which helps to raise the levels back up to suit the needs of our fish.

Our class recently enjoyed an excursion to the Cleanseas Hatchery near Arno Bay. We experienced how this successful company breeds their Yellowtail Kingfish broodstock. Later in the afternoon, we headed to Yumbah Aquaculture, an abalone farm located at Point Boston. Our tour of their hatchery and grow-out facility was very informative; we learned about the anatomy of male and female abalone.

Our barramundi have grown to a size that we can sell (i.e. 400-500g). We are starting to purge some of the fish and will begin selling them to local processors across the Eyre Peninsula. We will keep you informed on future sales.

Best Fishes,

The PLHS Year 11 Aquaculture Class


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