2018 PLHS Year 12 Award Ceremony

Our Year 12 Award Ceremony for 2018 was held in the Nautilus Theatre last night, with a large crowd of invited guests, families, PLHS staff and some very relieved Year 12 students in attendance.

The event served as an opportunity to recognise the outstanding contributions and achievements of a host of students, staff and community members, across a wide variety of service and subject disciplines. Heartfelt motivational addresses were delivered by Principal Mr Greg Barry and Senior School Assistant Principal Miss Tash Rayson, with many presenters also taking the opportunity to congratulate the graduates and wish them well for the future. Following the delivery of the traditional Valedictory Speech, our 2018 Principal Student Leaders Porsha O’Brien and Liam Cowley handed over the reins to Brooklyn George and Cameron Akehurst for 2019.

The completion of twelve formal years of schooling for almost one hundred PLHS students and their families was officially acknowledged with the presentation of the Completion Certificates.




  • Principal’s Award: Judy Bates
  • Governing Council Award: Sharon Phillips
  • Rowan Ramsey Award: Melia Daw
  • Peter Treloar Award: Jo Tiffen
  • City of Port Lincoln Award of Merit: Scot Thompson
  • Caltex Best Allrounder: Abby Hodgkiss
  • Port Lincoln Rotary All Rounder Award: Katie Freak
  • ADF Long Tan Youth Leadership and Teamwork Award: Abby Hodgkiss
  • University of SA Whyalla Campus Award for Academic Achievement: Alleigh Hamnett
  • Beatrice “Merle” Bascombe Award: Lucy West
  • Barbara Beitz Memorial Award: Shelley Toth
  • Port Lincoln Community Bank Award: Caleb Henderson
  • One Heart Women’s Ministry Brave Award: Robert Harris & Ketia Habner
  • Port Lincoln Zonta Award: Abby Lessue
  • Mat Steele Memorial Senior Drama Award: Liam Cowley
  • Gary Walpole Altruism Award: Porsha O’Brien
  • Port Lincoln Times Literature Award: Alleigh Hamnett
  • TAFE SA Award: Michael Dinon
  • K&K Cooling Award: Scot Thompson
  • Eyre Trading Award: John Ellin
  • Adelaide Festival Centre Arts Award: Yemaya Coleman-Smith & Abby Hodgkiss 
  • Student Citizenship Award: Caleb Henderson



  • Chemistry, Child Studies, Nutrition: Katie Freak
  • English Literary Studies, Japanese Continuers, Physics: Alleigh Hamnett
  • Biology, Modern History: Shelley Toth
  • Dance, Psychology: Abby Hodgkiss
  • English, Food & Hospitality: Ashlee Canty
  • General Mathematics, Modern History: Erin Leyson
  • Research Project B, Visual Arts – Design: Hannah Williams
  • Physical Education, Visual Arts – Arts: Yemaya Coleman-Smith
  • Aquaculture: Kye Nisbet
  • Business & Enterprise: Lucy West
  • Certificate III – Fitness: Jacob Collins
  • Communications Products – Photography: Tess Eime
  • Community Learning Centre (FLO): Shanara Reid
  • Community Studies A: Emily Driver
  • Community Studies B: Faith Loudoun
  • Food & Hospitality: Shani Stoeckel
  • Integrated Learning – Sports Studies: Jordan Ambrose
  • Material Products – Furniture Construction: Jasmine Te Ariki
  • Mathematical Methods: Cameron Akehurst (Year 11) & Kye Robinson
  • Music: Tascha Jordison
  • SAASTA: Porsha O’Brien
  • Completion of Modified SACE: Caleb Henderson



  • Port Lincoln Freemasons Meritorious Effort Award: Erin Leyson
  • Eyre Peninsula Community Foundation Caledonian Society Academic Excellence Award: Alleigh Hamnett

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