Year 8’s Run Sofcrosse Carnival

Sofcrosse is a calmer and less violent form of lacrosse. A Sofcrosse Carnival was organised by our Year 8 HPE teacher Mrs Watson for a SEPEP (Sport Education in Physical Education Program) assessment.

The class was split into three teams named by the students – the Neapolitan Barracudas, Uncle Rommel and Supreme Team. We started with drills to get our skills up, helping us to improve our passing, accuracy, scooping and catching. After we had mastered all of the basic skills we moved onto games, using the hockey field to play matches against each other.

There was a roster that made sure that everyone was doing their fair share of umpiring, scoring, peer assessments, setting up and packing up. Although not everyone was going by the roster it still worked out alright.

The teams were fairly even; it took a while to get the rules right but we managed. Some of the rules included only holding the ball for four seconds, no stick contact (only if they have the ball), you can use your body to guard the ball, you can’t pass to yourself, not allowed in the goal circle and penalties close to the circle must be passed to get a goal.

We were assessed on our skills and our attitude towards the games. If we mucked around or didn’t try our grade would decrease. A booklet was handed out that contained various activities, including making a team jersey; each team’s jersey was different and unique.

The tournament wound up having many ups and downs for each team, but it was still a lot of fun.

~ Indra Pantiyasa (Year 8 HPE student)

“Although Supreme Team could’ve destroyed everyone, we felt sorry for them; so we lost a couple of games to help them out.” ~ IP

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