Year 8 Parents Attend Info Evening


Earlier tonight, the families of our new Year 8 students were invited to attend a Parent Information Evening on the school’s Senior Floor.

After Principal Mr Greg Barry delivered a welcoming address to the parents in attendance, Middle School Assistant Principal Miss Matilda Taylor outlined a range of pertinent Middle School issues, including a demonstration of SEQTA Engage, the school’s online parent portal.

The amazing fish mural that the Year 8 students contributed to on Day 1 was also unveiled – this brilliant collaborative artwork will be mounted outside the Year 8 classrooms in the Digital Learning Centre.

The Year 8 teaching staff were then individually introduced, before parents were invited to meet and chat with their child’s teachers in a relaxed setting.

To conclude the evening, Mr Barry conducted a tour of the school for parents who were unfamiliar with the campus and/or eager to see their child’s classrooms firsthand.

We thank all families in attendance for their time.

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