Thursday December 3rd // PLHS Gymnasium

Master of Ceremonies: Miss Tash Rayson

Acknowledgement of Country: Miss Nicole Carter

Principal’s Address: Mr Todd George


Academic Awards

A grade point average (GPA) is calculated for each student. A GPA of 4 indicates an A grade for each subject. There are two Academic Award categories:

  • Academic Excellence awards recognise students who have achieved a GPA of more than 3.5 (with no D or E grades) across all Semester 1 and 2 subjects
  • Meritorious Effort awards recognise students who have achieved a GPA of at least 3 (with no D or E grades) across all Semester 1 and 2 subjects

Year 8 Academic Excellence

(From top left): Benjaman Gabb, Ahmari Guamen, Maddison Lowe, Rylee Marks, Luke Pearce, Zali Phillips, Kalea Siegert, Sky Weir, Keely Wiseman & Jessica Woolford


Year 8 Meritorious Effort

(From top left): Loka Anderson, Riley Bell, Acacia Boyce, Ashley Durdin, Phoebe Edmonds, Antwon Frampton, Liam Fuss, Paige Holland, Tilda Jenkins, Seth Kayser, Piper Langmaid, Tayah Liffner, Aaron Little, Erin McMillan, Georgina Millard, Issac Morton, Sasha Noske, Diana Polkinghorne, Tyrese Sincock, Katie-Anne Solly, Leilani Stevens, Isabelle Stutzer, Hayley Thomas Pollard, Amy Ward & Piper Wilkes


Year 9 Academic Excellence

(From top left): Lucy Bennie, Ella Campbell, Charlie Day, Saranda Edwards, Nathaniel Hirschausen-Burk, Lily Miranda, Shana Pomeroy, Jemma Rawling, Denise Sadiwa, Amelia Stevens & Taya Watherston


Year 9 Meritorious Effort

(From top left): Charli Barrowcliff, Angelia Christian, Elayja Dawe, Hannah Greenfield, Eliza Hartwich, Amali Hirschausen, Wayan Horlin-Smith, Jayden Kotz, Mikayla MacCuspie, Kade Mullins, Ebony Plane, Summer Retallick-Blackberry, Grace Thomas, Ella Thomson, Natasha Tothill, Tahlia Weir, Kit West & Meg Wright


Year 10 Academic Excellence

(From top left): Lilly Jenkins, Peter Kapnistis, Jack Nash, Mitchell Paterson, Cate Pearce, Liela Phillips, Chloe Poel, Zoe Proude, Oliver Sellen & Isabelle Tsesmelis


Year 10 Meritorious Effort

(From top left): Ryan Anderson, Reef Borlase, Nell Cane, Sasha Collett, Jayden De Ron, Skye Eagle, Jett Elliott, Lachlan Forsyth, Elke Hawke, Jason Hennessy, Jordan Langmaid, Indra Pantiyasa, Jake Puddy, Monique Rayfield & Kairi Schafer


Room 23 Awards

Recognise students from Room 23 for their positive approach to learning.

(L-R): Tyreese Sumner Coleman (Year 8), Riley Docking (Year 9) & Astrid Williams (Year 10)


Nunga Student of the Year Awards (& Narelle Rankine Award)

Recognise Aboriginal students from each year level who show excellent attendance, are committed to their study, display outstanding commitment to the ethos of the school and an exceptional contribution to the school and wider community.

(L-R): Antwon Frampton (Year 8), Amali Hirschausen (Year 9) & Lara McGlashan (Year 10)

Kiana Stafford (Year 11 & Overall Winner – Narelle Rankine Award) & Craig Miller-Kropinyeri (Year 12)


ADF Long Tan Leadership and Teamwork Award

Started in 2006 to recognise students who demonstrate leadership and teamwork within both the school and the broader local community; at the same time, they recognise those who display strong values, such as doing one’s best, respect for others and “mateship”, characteristics that are integral to Australian society.

Zoe Proude (Year 10)


Brave Awards

Recognise students who have been particularly resilient in their approach to learning.

(L-R): Paige Holland (Year 8), Darcy Crettenden (Year 9) & Georgia Ryan (Year 10)


Colin Thiele Awards

Recognise Year 8-10 students who have achieved outstanding results across a number of subjects from each of the four PLHS learning areas, and who uphold the school values of fairness, respect, safety, responsibility and success; they are determined by the teachers/leaders of each learning area.


(L-R): Benjaman Gabb (Year 8), Amelia Stevens (Year 9) & Reef Borlase (Year 10)



(L-R): Ahmari Guamen (Year 8), Shana Pomeroy (Year 9) & Jack Nash (Year 10)



(L-R): Benjaman Gabb (Year 8 Languages), Saranda Edwards (Year 9 HASS/Humanities) & Mitchell Paterson (Year 10 HASS/Humanities). Not pictured: Ahmari Guamen (Year 8 – HASS/Humanities), Denise Sadiwa (Year 9 Languages) & Zoe Proude (Year 10 Languages)



(L-R): Leilani Stevens (Year 8), Shana Pomeroy (Year 9) & Peter Kapnistis (Year 10)


The Arts

(L-R): Courtney Gercovitch (Year 8 – Performing Arts), Monique Rayfield (Year 10 – Performing Arts) & Mitchell Paterson (Year 10 – Visual Arts)



(L-R): Ashley Durdin (Year 8) & Jayden De Ron (Year 10)


HPE & Integrated Learning

(L-R): Kalea Siegert (Year 8), Taya Watherston (Year 9) & Mitchell Paterson (Year 10)


Josh Williams Memorial Award

In 1988, Port Lincoln High School’s Year 9 Pantomime was a production of “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory”. The star of the show (playing Willy Wonka) was a young man by the name of Joshua Williams. Not only was Josh a wonderfully charismatic and talented performer on stage, but he was also a gifted writer – by the end of Year 8, he had written his first novel. Tragically, as a fifteen-year-old Year 10 student, Joshua Williams suffered a fatal asthma attack. The Josh Williams Memorial Award was established to both honour Josh’s memory and to recognise an outstanding Year 9 Pantomime student each year.

Denise Sadiwa (Year 9)


South Australia STEM Ambassadors

For the past three years, two Year 8 students have been selected to become our school’s STEM Ambassadors, as part of a state-wide four-year program. These students have shown a keen interest and aptitude for a future in Science/Technology/Engineering/Maths. The Ambassadors have teamed up with a small group of students to develop sustainability projects, such as converting the waste cooking oil from Home Ec. into biodiesel (which was successfully used to run Mr Paech’s Land Cruiser. The Ambassadors also joined students from around the state at five-day camps in Adelaide, exploring careers in STEM.

(L-R): 2018: Zoe Proude & Reef Borlase, 2019: Ella Thomson & Charlie Day (plus team members: Ella Campbell, Eliza Hartwich & Amelia Stevens), 2020/21: Ahmari Guamen & Seth Kayser

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