Year 7 Academic Awards (Mid-Semester 2)

At a year level assembly in the Gym last week, Mrs. Mel McGown announced the names of a host of Year 7 students who had earned Academic Excellence or Meritorious Effort awards based on their outstanding recent mid-semester reports.

Congratulations to the following students and their families on this wonderful recognition.

ACADEMIC EXCELLENCE (pictured above from top left):

  • Isla Nagel
  • Lani Cocks
  • Samuel Beard
  • Kynan Letton
  • Ella Scholz
  • Marley Coleman
  • Stella Franklin
  • Ella Day

MERITORIOUS EFFORT (pictured above from top left):

  • Rylee Chatfield
  • Evie Gamlin
  • Loch Osborne
  • Ethan Skipworth-Howell
  • Sarang Treagus
  • Phoebe Fisher
  • Mahni Burrows
  • Chloe Marks
  • Taya Clarke
  • Simon Hennessy
  • Isabella Atkins
  • Alilah Fowler
  • Cooper Mullins
  • Oliver Stevens
  • Nate Payze
  • Zach Hurrell

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