Year 7–10 End-of-Year Awards Assembly 2023

Tuesday December 5th, 2023 // PLHS Gymnasium

Our final assembly for the 2023 school year saw parents and caregivers return to the Gym for the first time in several years.  We were delighted to have many families in attendance to witness their Year 7-10 students receive well-earned awards.  Congratulations to all of today’s recipients.

  • Master of Ceremonies: Mrs. Lesley Warren (Deputy Principal)
  • Welcome to Country: Lloydey McLean & Sharlisha Roderick Varcoe
  • Principal’s Address: Mr. Todd George (Principal)
  • Principal Student Leader’s Address: Prapti Pai (2024)

Academic Awards: a grade point average (GPA) is calculated for each student of the school. A GPA score of 4 indicates an A grade for each subject studied. There are 2 categories of Academic Awards:

  • Academic Excellence awards recognise students who have achieved a GPA of more than 3.5 (with no D or E grades) across all of their Semester 1 and 2subjects
  • Meritorious Awards recognise students who have achieved a GPA of at least 3 (with no D or E grades) across all of their Semester 1 and 2subjects

Year 7 Academic Excellence: Jordy Parker, Zoe Bell, Kai Cunningham, Matthew Minto, Jarran Durdin, Charissa Go, Lucas Dixon

Year 7 Meritorious Effort: Lily Hale, Angus Rodda, Byron Phills, Asha Clements, Abi Ferrett, James Murray, Harmony Sincock, Tyler Poynter, Amber Phillips, Peyton Smith, Chelsea Sampson, Ethan Stanley, Nevaeh Watkinson, Callum McBrien, Rylan Tonkin, Sienna Sizer, Jarrah Barr, Jekoa Allen, Sheridan Wells, Kyson King, Cruz Miller, Elke North

Year 8 Academic Excellence: Isla Nagel, Mahni Burrows, Kynan Letton, Ella Scholz, Lani Cocks, Xander Taylor, Stella Franklin, Marley Coleman, Evie Gamlin

Year 8 Meritorious Effort: Nate Payze, Ella Day, Samuel Beard, Zach Hurrell, Zoe Allan, Ethan Skipworth-Howell, Chloe Marks, Rylee Chatfield, Simon Hennessy, Sarang Treagus

Year 9 Academic Excellence: Rebekah Turner, Kiarna Letton, Kirrally Kotz, Ruby Gamlin, Stirling Carter, Isabella Go, Maya Kennedy, Loch Osborne, Dakota Taferner, Jasmine Tiller, Zoe Van-Overdijk, Elke Thomas, Xanela Cubacub, Jorja Defelice, Jessica Neve

Year 9 Meritorious Effort: Airlie Hartwich, Jessica Ferrett, Max Stanley, Madison Gotch, Isabella Wells, Rhy Kayser, Kaden Abbott, Lainie Bell, Kaden Durdin, Demi Selwyn-Shore, Keeley Millard, Elke Russell, Claudia Wilks, Brayden Foote, Evie Wiseman, Paige Blacksell, Sophie Cheriton, James Hore, Natania Watene, Matilda Packer, Kiara Tonkin, Sky McNamara, Ashlyn Eming, Dusty Symonds

Year 10 Academic Excellence: Liam Akehurst, Evan Lukin, Fletcher Beard, Sophie Lang, Max Mitchelson, Sky Keane, Ella Wiseman, Max Rodda

Year 10 Meritorious Effort: Lilly Durdin, Will West, Jevan Ambrose, Delta Proude, Clea Ralph, Nikitah Butcher, Macie Claughton, Starr Pederson, Maia Abbott, Zade Hearfield, Aliki Kapnistis, Rebecca Madden, Hayden Francis

Colin Thiele Awards: are determined by the teachers and leaders of each learning area and recognise students who have achieved outstanding results across a number of subjects from each of the learning areas at Port Lincoln High School; they are also students who uphold the school values of Responsible, Respectful and Inclusive

Mathematics & Science: Jordy Parker (Year 7 Mathematics), Lucas Dixon (Year 7 Science), Kynan Letton (Year 8 Mathematics), Mahni Burrows (Year 8 Science), Paige Blacksell (Year 9 Mathematics), Rebekah Turner (Year 9 Science), Liam Akehurst (Year 10 Mathematics), Evan Lukin (Year 10 Science)

Languages, HASS & English: Seaga Clark (Year 7 Languages), Lucas Dixon (Year 7 HASS), Jordy Parker (Year 7 English), Mahni Burrows (Year 8 Languages), Marley Coleman (Year 8 HASS), Isla Nagel (Year 8 English), Dakota Taferner (Year 9 Languages), Maya Kennedy (Year 9 HASS), Lainie Bell (Year 9 English), Sky Keane (Year 10 Languages), Evan Lukin (Year 10 HASS), Sophie Lang (Year 10 English)

Visual Arts, Technology and Performing Arts: Angus Rodda (Year 7 Technology), Lily Hale (Year 7 Performing Arts), Sam Beard (Year 7 Technology), Rylee Chatfield (Year 8 Performing Arts), Stirling Carter (Year 9 Visual Arts), Elke Russell (Year 9 Technology), Skye McNamara (Year 9 Performing Arts), Sky Keane (Year 10 Visual Arts), Colby Doyle (Year 10 Technology), Barry McArthur (Year 10 Performing Arts)

HPE, Food & Integrated Learning: Jordy Parker (Year 7), Isla Nagel (Year 8), Stirling Carter (Year 9), Liam Akehurst (Year 10)

Research Practices & Personal Learning Plan: Lilly Durdin (Research Project), Fletcher Beard (PLP)

Rooms 22 & 23: Abbey Francis (Year 8 Room 22), Isabella Zander (Year 9 Room 22), Hayden Francis (Year 10 Room 23)

Aboriginal Student of the Year Awards: recognise Aboriginal students from each year level who show excellent attendance, are committed to their study, display outstanding commitment to the ethos of the school and an exceptional contribution to the school and wider community.

  • Year 7: Jordy Parker
  • Year 8: Dericka Roderick
  • Year 9: Harmony Miller
  • Year 10: Talisha Fiore

PLACE Award: the Port Lincoln Art Centre Enterprise Award celebrates diversity through the Visual Arts where student artworks aim to build an awareness of all First Nations peoples and culture

  • Jahleah Miller-Pickett (Year 9)

Joshua Williams Memorial Award: in 1988, Port Lincoln High School’s Year 9 Pantomime was a production of “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory”; the star of the show (playing Willy Wonka) was a young man by the name of Joshua Williams; not only was Josh a wonderfully charismatic and talented performer on stage, but he was also a gifted writer – by the end of Year 8, he had written his first novel; tragically, as a fifteen-year-old Year 10 student, Joshua Williams suffered a fatal asthma attack; the Joshua Williams Memorial Award was established to both honour Josh’s memory and to recognise an outstanding Year 9 Pantomime student each year

  • Rebekah Turner (Year 9)

Brave Awards: presented by the One Heart Church, these awards recognise students who have been particularly resilient in their approach to learning

  • Year 7: Angus Rodda
  • Year 8: Candice Creighton
  • Year 9: Samuel Halls
  • Year 10: Lillii McGuire

ADF Long Tan Leadership and Teamwork Award: these awards started in 2006 to recognise students who demonstrate leadership and teamwork within both the school and the broader local community; at the same time, they recognise those who display strong values, such as doing one’s best, respect for others and “mateship”, characteristics that are integral to Australian society

  • Fletcher Beard (Year 10)

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