Year 10 Science Lesson with Dr. Katharina Richter

Last week, our Year 10 Science class was fortunate to have guest lecturer Dr. Katharina Richter fly in from Adelaide to present some fascinating information around superbugs and fighting antibiotic resistant diseases.

Dr. Richter is a biomedical researcher and trained pharmacist, completing her PhD in medicine/applied microbiology in 2017; she then founded her own research group in 2019 with the University of Adelaide. Dr. Richter’s lab is dedicated to improving medical therapies and changing the lives of patients suffering from superbug infections, such as surgical site infections, non-healing wounds and implant infections. Furthermore, her researchers collaborate with veterinary scientists to innovate industry decontamination processes for better animal wellbeing and safer, more sustainable food production.

Seeing and hearing about the research that Dr. Richter is developing was a valuable experience, encouraging our students to peruse a career in science. With Dr. Richter’s help, we created plasma with grapes and also tested how clean our devices are by swabbing them onto agar plates. We thank Dr. Richter for her time and hope to see some of the Year 10’s studying Biology well into the future.

~ Miss Tayla Helbig (Science Teacher)

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