Wide Range of Options at PLHS Canteen

The PLHS Canteen is pleased to offer the following options:

  • introducing new meal-type serves of Spaghetti Bolognese, Curried Chicken, Tuna Mornay, Fried Rice, Baked Potatoes, Burgers, Toasted Wraps, Nachos and more
  • Sushi every Wednesday and Cold Rolls & Spring Rolls on Fridays
  • a microwave, sandwich press and urn for students to use at Recess and Lunch
  • catering for local functions with competitive prices and quality food – all monies go back into our school community
  • free daily breakfast from 8-8:30am featuring Juice, Milo, Toasties, Toasted Sandwiches and Hash Browns

We need your support to keep our Canteen open.

~ Julie Schlink (PLHS Canteen)

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