Welcome to the 2021 School Year

Welcome to the 2021 School Year

Dear Parents and Caregivers,

I would like to welcome all of you to the 2021 school year. To our new families, a special welcome; we are pleased that you have decided to join us. To our continuing families, welcome back. I hope that everyone had a restful, enjoyable and most importantly, safe summer holiday.

The school year starts at 8:40am on Wednesday January 27th with a whole school assembly in the Gymnasium. Staff will be in the yard to support students as they enter the school grounds. The assembly will conclude before 9am and students will then move off in to sub-schools where they will be introduced to their Dharna Group teachers.

At the whole school assembly, I will be speaking with the students and staff about the following:

  • The installation of a memorial to Patrick Ryan; this will be on an exterior wall of the Administration building next to the front door
  • Continued building as part of our $15 million redevelopment, which is on track for a December 2021 handover
  • Aquatics camps that begin in Week 2 for all Year 8 students
  • ABC Radio will be broadcasting live from the school site in the morning of Wednesday January 27th; the host, Emma Pedler, will interview selected staff and students
  • The staff have decided to enforce a new policy that removes access to student mobile phones during school time; this significant change in direction will be facilitated by an external company called Yondr to support the transition to mobile phone free learning; parents and caregivers will be able to leave a message for a student by ringing the school, contacting the student’s Dharna Group teacher via SEQTA Engage or contacting the student directly via SEQTA Learn; we are seeking parental and caregiver support on this policy change that is designed to foster improved student engagement and result in better learning outcomes and wellbeing
  • Further air-conditioning installed over the holidays means that the vast majority of learning spaces have access to temperature control; as a result, the school will revoke its early closure due to hot weather policy
  • School photos will be taken early in Term 1; information packs will be handed out in the coming days

If you have any questions regarding the commencement of the school year, please contact your relevant Dharna Group teacher through SEQTA Engage or phone the school on 8683-6000. Office hours are Monday to Friday from 8am until 4pm.

Yours sincerely,

Todd George (PLHS Principal)

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