Visual Art Classes Learn from Local Artist


My Year 11 and 12 Visual Art students have been examining the Port Lincoln Art Prize for their Visual Study, a component of the Stage 1 and 2 courses. Their research was enriched with primary resources on Wednesday February 12th, when participating artist Elizabeth Hammond spoke to the students at the gallery, with her entry and other artists’ works on full view to observe, examine and discuss.

Beth felt it important to expose the group to the process she undertook to arrive at her final painting, beginning with her initial inspiration of plants. She displayed practical examples of the stages and transitions of her work, some of which were digital, drawn and painted on acrylic sheet. She discussed her style, influences and the dominant artistic element in her abstract composition, colour.

The students were able to liken this to their own studies as they are also required to work through a process to reach their resolved, practical piece.

To see this modelled by a practicing artist has reinforced the importance and relevance of planning, experimenting, analysing and reflecting, making the visit a valuable learning experience for the students.

We thank Beth for sharing her time, passion and insight into her arts practice.

~ Mrs Annette Kelson (Art Teacher)

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