Transition & Learning Centre Awards 2020

Yesterday, the PLHS Transition & Learning Centre (TLC) staff and students acknowledged and celebrated the successes of our student cohort for the year of 2020. Despite the many challenges we all faced this year, our students displayed incredible resilience and rose above these challenges to achieve some outstanding personal results.

In 2019, seven PLHS CLC students achieved their SACE – in 2020, we anticipate this number to reach nineteen students. Congratulations to the following Year 12 (potential) graduators/completers:

  • Annalise Baldwin
  • Caitlin Barnett
  • Thomas Corston
  • Lilli Culjak
  • Kyteesha Dawkins
  • Jamie-Lee Jones
  • Jesse Marcal
  • Sarsha McMahon
  • Liesl Miller
  • Ben Noske
  • Naish Parthenis
  • Reece Phillips
  • Zackary Robinson-Kerley
  • Daniel Rogers
  • Brooke Stevens
  • Kayla Tagg
  • Nik Thomson
  • Meg Wheare
  • Ethan Williams

Further, six more students will achieve their SACE once their Trade School results are confirmed between now and the start of Term 1, 2021 (some have been deferred due to COVID); again, congratulations to:

  • Kaydn Bryant
  • Jaden Crowther
  • Brianna McIntyre
  • Isaac Perone
  • Kyan Watherson
  • Ned West

The following students received Subject Awards; congratulations to:

  • Josh Broad: Thrive
  • Ben Noske: Leadership
  • Ben Noske: Work & Transition
  • Ethan Richardson: Essential English
  • Will Symons: Essential Maths
  • Ben Noske & Brittney Carthew: Community Studies A (Stage 2)
  • Shae Szanto: Community Studies A (Stage 1)
  • Ned West & Kyteesha Dawkins: Research Project A
  • Bonnie Mack: Personal Learning Plan
  • Cheyla Smith & Brittney Carthew: VET Achievement
  • Hannah Jolly: Creative Arts – Film
  • Josh Broad: Creative Arts – Digital Drawing
  • Josh Bauer: Creative Arts – 3D Digital Drawing
  • Brandon Phillips: Music Experience

We also issued the following Fun (Stand Out) Awards, with many students in attendance to collect their individual certificate:

  • Ben Noske: Most Motivated & Organised
  • Brianna McIntyre: Commitment
  • Brooke Stevens: Resilience
  • Caitlin Barnett: Busy Bee
  • Daniel Rogers: Community Kindness
  • Ethan Williams: Most Determined
  • Kyteesha Dawkins: Quiet Achiever
  • Kayla Tagg: Most Independent
  • Liesl Miller: Muso
  • Lilli Culjak: Professional
  • Meg Wheare: Super Mum
  • Naish Parthenis: Workaholic
  • Nik Thomson: Efficiency
  • Reece Phillips: Flash
  • Sarsha McMahon: Attention to Detail
  • Zac Robinson-Kerley: Creative
  • Josh Broad: Leaps & Bounds
  • Brittney Carthew: Persistence
  • Eve Hersey: Go Getter
  • Mel Ash: Crafty
  • Cody Starkey: Mums & Bubs Star
  • Issac Perone: The Racing Researcher
  • Shae Szanto: Overcomer
  • Jevan Horton: Break Before Business
  • Madison Peterson: Power Through
  • Skye Coleman: Camper Extraordinaire
  • Mason Hope: Trainee
  • Baylee Stusser: Chill Factor
  • Cheyla Smith: Rubik’s Master
  • Shakira Steele: Polite & Smile
  • Blake Dunn: Encyclopaedia Britannica
  • Josh Marks: Jimi Hendrix
  • Bo Hancock: Pokémon

Thank you to the staff for your unconditional positive regard for each and every young person you work with – well done, team. Bring on 2021!

~ Ms Estelle Broadbent (Assistant Principal: Wellbeing & Flexible Learning Options)

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