Timmy Leads PLHS to Volleyball Victory

Last Friday, Year 8 student Timmy Dennis lead Port Lincoln High School’s mixed volleyball team to victory in the Year 10 Regional Volleyball Carnival. Navigator College hosted a very efficiently run competition, which also featured teams from Cummins, St. Joseph’s and the host school.

The game of volleyball is a minority sport in this area; after two training sessions, the PLHS team still had plenty of room for improvement. However, throughout the carnival (three minor round games and two finals), the team’s skills and confidence developed quickly, as did the length and quality of the rallies. Timmy’s jump serves certainly gave us an advantage, with spectators watching on with relief that they weren’t on the receiving end – given that he is only in Year 8, we can look forward to more of the same in the next two carnivals.

The grand final was played against St. Joseph’s, with a score of 2:0 in our favour. The team held it together admirably when TD took his turn on the bench. A huge thank you to Tyrone Salinas for doing an excellent job as our official umpire. Well done, PLHS!

~ Mrs Michaela Webb (Accompanying Teacher)

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