Term 3 Adopt-a-Barra 2023 update

Term 3 Adopt-a-Barra 2023 update

Dear Adoptee,

We have had a busy and successful term in growing and looking after your barramundi.
The Year 11 Aquaculture class has been learning to properly sharpen and maintain knives to prepare for our filleting processes.  We have held two sessions of filleting so far, while learning and practicing how to smoke the barramundi to improve the various flavours within the fish. 

These steps have been implemented to perfect and maximise the quality of your barramundi. During the first stages of harvesting, we have learnt and ensured that each fish is killed humanly by utilising what is known as an ice slurry. Businesses such as Myers Seafood, The Fresh Fish Place, and Santi’s have been continuously supporting and allowing us to practice selling high value fish for the people of Port Lincoln.

Thank you for your contributions to the Adopt a Barra program, here are some images from our latest filleting session.

Best fishes,

ours truly,

Yr 11 Aquaculture Class of 2023
Chris McGown

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